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My story begins when my wife Noah and I were invited to visit our friends in the country Noemi's best friend since high school is Vera who lives with her husband Geza in a small village in the country There are several gatherings a year for friends on occasion whether it's a birthday a name day or just for the sake of the party And now we plan to sleep over there so I can have some alcohol
We came with a little present on the one hand because it was appropriate on the other hand because we were celebrating Geza's birthday and it was a great pleasure to see you again Although Noémi has been visiting Vera several times in the last few months for a nice chat or had a coffee somewhere in town they can still be very happy for each other but we haven't seen Geza for months We immediately opened a beer to celebrate and after drinking it we rejoined the girls and the other guests who arrived in the meantime
After the joyful barbecue and dinner the company was divided into several parts talking with several long-lost friends sometimes in the house sometimes in the garden and sometimes in the middle of the girls they were separated from each other and sometimes I could only talk to my beautiful wife or kiss her In the meantime we were running out of drinks but no one was annoyingly drunk possibly drunk Then by about midnight most of the company had already gone home hardly a few of us had spoken in the living room when I apologized but I was very tired and quite frankly several glasses of beer had been suppressed and my wife walked me upstairs to the room where we were accommodated by Vera Noemi waited until I went to bed and he leaned towards me kindly
- You don't mind if I go back and have a little chat do you?
- No of course not "Go on" I murmured and my head as it touched the pillow was asleep
Maybe I woke up in the middle of the night because of the strange place where I was reaching for my phone which according to the glowing screen was just after 2: 30 a few minutes The full moon lit up the room in silver so I sat up and noticed that my wife had not come to sleep
- Now these guys can talk - I thought so when I fell back on the bed I couldn't sleep again All that beer made me feel an unpleasant pickle in my mouth and I was thirsty for water I put on my shirt and my shorts made for the next day and leaving the room I walked towards the stairs Halfway down I noticed repressed but unmistakable sighs I suddenly stopped wondering what's going on down there? You're not? - I stopped at the last step and then I calmed down a bit On the sofa in the living room our hosts made love as they intended in silence The couch was standing with her back to me so all I could see was Vera's face and she was clinging to the backrest and she was moving slowly with her eyes closed I moved two degrees up the stairs so I could see her shapely breasts and Géza gently grasping them
I was embarrassed to spy on our friends so I quietly turned back upstairs But where is Noémi? Maybe I snored so much she went to bed in another room? Or have you really not gone to bed yet and somewhere else you're talking to? But then Vera wouldn't make love here so calmly But where is he?
I was eavesdropping on the doors of both upstairs rooms hoping to hear something but nothing So after drinking some water in the bathroom I went back to the room then out to the spacious terrace upstairs but there was no one there but the smiling Moon He on the other hand gave me a breathtaking sight as he lit the neighborhood with his silver-white light The House of gézék stands on one of the domtetÅ‘ streets of the small village giving you a beautiful view from the terrace The lights of the streets below the village the lighted clock of the church tower which was now at the same height with me the shadow of the plants and buildings of the yards and the shapes of the opposite hillside in the silver light and there is silence which is seldom heard here and there by the sleepy sound of a dog and then in a few moments The Silence of peace will rise again upon the sleeping houses and the landscape
I looked down at the courtyard and the back terrace but I didn't see or hear anyone Leaning back against the railing for minutes I watched in turn the milky-white curtains and the starry sky floating in the silver light in the open terrace of the three-storey room as if a faint sigh was coming from one of the rooms I knew that the room on the other side of the spacious terrace was Géza's bedroom and I thought with envy of them that they would come up and pick up where they left off Then all of a sudden strange pain maybe I was scared - where's my wife?


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