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We've known each other a long time we know each other -- that's stupid We know about each other what the other allows us to know what is revealed by the exciting messages on the board the sometimes one-sentence sometimes-Page emails The photograph hidden in the private folder hidden from prying eyes and my own conscience We talked a lot about how it could happen In our thoughts we have experienced what we are about to do We took every opportunity into consideration convinced ourselves that if we were going to do it we had to do it now as soon as possible In a way we're the same Both of our first relationships were "perfect" There's nothing missing at home We're just curious We want to try ourselves each other How can Sex be without love? Can we do that? Until last week all our sentences started with " Ha" For a long time we were close to the line we had imagined but there was no time or opportunity to cross that unspoken line
 I wrote in a note and the answer was silent It was a frightfully long silence and I was banging my head against the wall because of my haste when the answer came:
- All right let's have breakfast together Breakfast is all :)I'm staring out the window at McDonald's the morning sun's Rays slowly taking over the street sleepy people rushing to the nearby market to get to the weekend lunch What am I doing here? I lied to you Cruel calculating To be here to betray the past few years That was a strange answer He's curious about me I'm sure but he's very careful he didn't promise anything he didn't even write that he was going to be here He just asked me where I'd be when He knows my morning schedulehe'll show up any minute All I have to do is wait and all I have to do is lose my resolve I'm not sure about myself anymoreI just don't want to be here right nowI'll finish the sandwich the tea And my thoughts Screw this He's not even coming He's scared Better than me I have the last sip of tea in my throat when she walks through the door He's definitely turning towards me maybe he's seen me off the street Or maybe you're just interested in the sound of an echo in an almost empty restaurant By the time he gets to the table I can breathe The first kiss is a little timid awkward The smell of her skin fascinates me the moment is wonderful Suddenly the world around me is gone and now he and only he exist
- I'm hungry - he threw me out of my mind Do you need anything else? - it points to the remains of my breakfast
- Ice cream's gonna go down - I'll tell you when he's heading for the bar He doesn't want me to pay but I'll wave my Smart card and convince him
- I need the dots  it's a poor excuse I admit but then I can't think of anything better He gives in to"violence"There's not much to say while we're eating He's busy with the nuggets and I'm busy tending to the chocolate sauce on the frozen vanilla cream Our stolen glances are becoming more and more frequent and I can see the conniving little glimpse someone had already captured in that photograph He finishes early speaks after the last sip of orange juice:
- I want some of that ice cream The Little Spoon is immersed in the paste stretching towards it He opens his mouth slowly his lips gently embrace the spoon which will come out of the woodwork
- More Please - add that to it I will pretend to supply the next portion obediently but before you can close your lips I will steal the full spoon and make it disappear in my mouth I wasn't fast enough she had some ice cream on her lips
- Evil he laughs and licks his lips clean And this move has everything Every unspoken thought every unspoken promise
"You are my guest for lunch" he says and the spoon stops in my mouth
- I don't eat anything - I answer with a smile
- I know what you like you'll be satisfied calm down - he winks at meEasy for you to say The dumplings in my throat are growing and I'm getting this strange excitement That's not me Where is the measured calm where is the deliberate thoughts What he did to me that in minutes I'd lose all sense and follow him into the pink mist I feel like I've known him for years Our conversation is getting smoother as we head to the bus stop I don't know where we're goingI don't even care right now I don't care I didn't think we could fit so many people on a bus The crowd at the nearest stop to the market almost drags us to the red seventy-three We'll be able to hold on in the rotation We try to keep our distance but that seems like an impossible undertaking Allowing the crowd pressure to move closer waiting for a reaction The driver solves the waiting situation: after a strong throttle the crowd swings and he finds his lost balance in my arms I hold the cool iron with one hand and hold him with the otherI look at her I look at her and I ask her if it's okay and she just smiles and I feel her hand on my back Yeah that's all right We swing through Buda the crowd goes slow but we just don't let go of each other The way it's sticking to me I can smell it she once wrote What perfume she's wearing but it's not it's not Joop - it's something much sweeter more fierce We're landing on the other side of town in the middle of the projects He's holding hands between the blocks after a few minutes of walking he's at the entrance of a 10-story building Waiting for the lift my patience runs out: I turn her face towards me holding her face in my palm and kiss her gently I want him I want his touch his caress his words It's gonna happen In a few minutes all the dreams will be real all the Ponderings will be in the past and I will finally get the answer to the question: Can I do it?I enjoy every moment The game of our tongues is getting wild playing on the back of my fingers and then digging into his hair That's your surprise You know I like a woman with short hair He wrote a few weeks ago that he might get a haircut try it short then in the text yesterday he said something about a surprise He wouldn't tell me anythinghe was very secretive I'm surprised to find the jeans are getting tighter These days it is increasingly rare for me to be in full combat without any hand-to-hand contact and now my stiffness is about to pop the zipper He can feel it for he makes my loins feel with his tiny movements of his hips I like the game my hand would be on its hip when the elevator door suddenly opens An old lady steps out of it the surprise in her eyes and maybe a little naughty smile We smile back confused try to look well-bred and innocent and disappear quickly in the elevatorYou turn your back on me while you're looking for the button on the floor and I get the chance and I don't give you the chance to face me Standing close behind me I hold her caress the firm belly of my hands and my lips begin to play Sweet games under her ears My reward is a sigh of lust when my tongue touches the sensitive skin
- Why don't we just go? - I'll whisper it in your ear
- I can't remember which floor ninth or eighth - he answers with a laugh
- You don't live here- I'll tell you with a wise mind
- Mm-hmm it's my girlfriend's apartment conspiracy no more questions - he caresses my face and presses his ninth button I don't have a chance to ask Turning half-way towards me he's blocking all further questions with his lipsHe's made his choice If it's up to him it's gonna happen and he's gonna do everything he can to make this morning unforgettable

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