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I have no idea how long it must have been before we finally came to our senses Well it's a lot to be sure ' cause our breathing has become even and the semen from my vagina tickled pleasantly
- I'll crush you - he leaned up in terror
- No you stay "I tried to stop him but it was no use for he had already rolled beside me and leaning on our elbows we turned against each other" my little darling must be tired" - I reached for his drooping penis so I could rub the last drop on his acorn and I want to ask you a question - I looked him in the eye - What do you think that was? Fuck? Or making love?
- I don't know about that - he glanced at her glistening eyes-but I guess it doesn't matter - his tone has changed suspiciously - because making love to you is just as good - he was speechless as soon as he said it
- Don't be so embarrassed - I caressed his face - say it all "I took her chin gently and raised her head -- you may speak very badly" I leaned to her ear to give her a little kiss especially after you had fucked your poor mother half to death -- and we both laughed
- I imagined it so many times - he's probably starting to get a little tense - what's it like to be fucked with you? "but not quite yet -- to make love to slip into your vagina but my imagination has been surpassed by the last few hours -- it's quite different when I jerk off but once or twice playing with the girls is not comparable to him -- he has stopped meaningfully -- mother" I think I really love you and it's not just the hormones it's the hormones I mean itI wanted to cut in but I changed my mind and let him go on when I went to the store it almost hurt that I wasn't with you I came as fast as I could because I wanted to see you"touch you"kiss me"fuck her of course and kiss my ass "indeed all the obstacles seemed to have slipped away" I could hear you moan with pleasure or waiting for you to come to make me come like your pussy like in your mouth but it would fit you too - he's getting into something that's really good for me
- I'm so hungry "I've broken out" Come on let's eat I'll need some more energy " I wiped my feet - I said " and I took a quick shower and then he refreshed himself and we sat down at the table naked"
- I made lunch but it's a good thing we even had time for dinner - I poked the inside of his thigh with my foot under the table
- You want some water? - he popped up later to get some
- No I'm not Let's have some wine  I quietly watched him pull the cork out of the bottle and then with the glasses he sat back and poured it for both of us - many more of these  I looked him in the eye when our glasses rolled
- More - then he took a big sip
After we'd eat I'd wash the dishes and she'd wipe and then we'd go to bed with our wine and glasses and we'd cuddle and we'd drink and we'd watch TV soft It was getting dark The food and probably the wine started to overwhelm me
- Oh I got sleepy - I wanted to take a nap
"Then I will sleep" I did not have time to answer "said he stretching himself between my thighs" look at my lap "close your eyes relax" and his tongue fluttered on my lips First I spread my legs wide open for him then later I stretched out to enjoy myself like a lecher I was completely relaxed feeling weightless almost floating and with these pleasant feelings I was really dozed off The game of my mind brought me to a strange unrealistic world where realistic feelings mixed with images of my lush imagination Sometimes I knew exactly what my son was doing to me and I was getting overwhelmed by the hard-to-get-away guilt Other times he seemed to be nothing more than a man I had fallen in love with and there was nothing I wanted more but to give myself to him in body and soul and to experience all possible forms of pleasure without any shame As I recall several times I had to make a firm effort not to open my eyes because I didn't want to lose this wonderful magic So I enjoyed the stimuli of kisses tongue strokes and who knows what other touches which shook the whole of my body which made me feel tingling to my gut until I finally woke up to my orgasm I've never experienced anything like this It's more like waking up with a powerful urge to pee For a while on the verge of waking and dreaming before you know what can happen and if you fail to return to reality disaster will easily occur


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