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I've been thinking about it from time to time It was a complete mess in my head I had a girlfriend or two I've moved in with some people but this is something I've never felt with Zhu before I really liked being with him even if it was just to watch In almost every move he made there was so much femininity that the sight of him turned me on No wonder I sometimes had doubts that this wonderful woman chose me
She's an interesting little sister and I have to take care of her but as a woman I really liked her When I tried to compare my feelings for the two girls I could always separate them perfectly I had a lot in common with feelings like "take care of him" "please him" "hug him" but while sis was more afraid at Zhu jealousy came up which I tried to fight and as my equal partner I felt a better half
We'd get together once in a while the three of us and we'd go through amazing nights We also showed sis my composition sometimes the two girls would play with each other on the Vibri I felt like I was in a state of paradise and sometimes I remembered how long that would last
Of course all three of us worked and since we were all in a responsible position it took a lot of time too So we had less time for each other but we always spent it very content One of those times we went up to Sis's after a concert and a good dinner Since it was Saturday night sis asked if we wanted to go home or stay at her place Time didn't rush us so we decided to sleep there We had a few drinks and a chat I asked Sis how she was doing on the men's front and she said she was fine He's got people around him but he hasn't made up his mind yet He's not in any hurry He's sick of bad relationships We agreed Me and Ju sat next to each other kissed each other from time to time Then sister looked at us but there was no reproach or jealousy on her face Like he was happy we found each other I was of course more and more impertinent in time and putting my hand on Zhu's shoulder sometimes I took her breast and slipped my hand under the dress Actually I couldn't get enough of it and I wanted to tease Sis a little bit
- Brother This could be some kind of punishment I can see you're deliberately teasing me I'm gonna fast on this one "sister said but she smiled and I melted away with her smile and I wished for her" I had a feeling that it was going to be a wonderful night again
I stood up and stood behind his chair and I slipped into his neck pulling his hair slightly aside He made it possible for me to kiss his naked neck In the meantime I tried to look into the eyes of Zhu from which I could read Love and desire
- Please - Said Zhu - There's not two of you here
- Indeed no There's another wonderful lady here who belongs with us - I answered him when he got up and came to us He moved the table a little bit so he could get to SIs from the front They started kissing
- Zhu don't you think we should punish brother for teasing me? - sister asked
 I'm afraid we can't let this mess go unpunished Maybe we should put him on the sidelines for a while? - contraband
- Tie him up in a chair - approved sister
They're completely nuts I thought I was just wondering what was going on?
- Come on we can just sit him down and order him to stay there - said Zhu laughing
Sister looked at him with thought
- You think so? All right then Let's try it out But if he doesn't obey God help him - she was happy sister
It's like they put it on command led me to a faraway chair
- You sit here and don't move brother - he commanded me sister
I'm still in shock
- So what? - I asked in alarm
 Just because you don't move means you can't touch yourself - there was another order from Zhu
It was getting interesting I put my hands on the armrest of the chair and I was so looking forward to it I decided to resist them now and screw them over but my Manhood didn't really want to obey
Zhu threw himself into a chair standing parallel to me and Sis kneeling in front of him They started kissing but I saw them both staring at me out of the corner of their eyes the effect they had on me They tried to make out for a long time and sensuously but somehow they didn't make it Still the sight of the girls I Love had a very powerful effect on me I was thinking about fixing my steely tool so that at least they wouldn't see it but one of them was always watching
Sis turned her head a little bit and licked Ju's mouth


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