Tiny TEEN and the BBC Burglar


Meanwhile at the pigsty Peter began his work with filth and humiliation from head to toe He knew he wouldn't be able to finish the job on time He started cleaning the barn with his bare hands digging into the middle of the slippery dung The floor of the runway was worn smooth by use so it seemed quite easy to overcome the nausea But where does the manure go? That was your minor problem the bigger one how? After an hour of groveling in the middle of the runway there was almost the whole mess when Edit arrived
- What are you doing?
- Can't you see? I'm cleaning the shit
 But I see it and I hear you're no better than I am You humiliated me in vain You bastard
- Fucking bitch How dare you talk to me like that?
- What are you gonna hit me? Here you go
- Don't push me
- Bitch
- Watch your mouth
- Motherfucker
Peter jumped up but in anger he missed the step and slipped He lost his balance on the slippery plank and fell right into the pile The mass of the great naked body spattered the accumulated feces Edith couldn't resist laughing as her husband tried to stand up on the slippery dirt and popped back for the third time
- You lucky bastard - he was having fun trying - wait let me help you
She entered the pen and held out her hand to her husband Peter grabbed the right hand in his direction and then pulled it and then out of the way pulled the woman next to him
- Are you satisfied now? Phooey
- You deserve it you fucking bitch
- Why are you calling me a slut?
- Because you are
- Why did you change your mind about me?
 What would you call a guy who licks sucks fucks and even enjoys it?
- Did I have a choice?
- Yes
- Tell me what?
- Anything
- When I tried they beat me up Or you didn't see that
- Yeah
- You think it was so nice when they whipped my pussy What would you have done if you were me? - he asked crying
- yeah
- And then you joined them You humiliated me you beat me


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