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I was in Middle School 17 years old I lived my carefree school years my friends and I partied played sports and hit on girls The dorm was in a very good mood we used to tease each other all the time sex girls were a common theme
The class took part in practical training in groups From the dorm room Isti and I were assigned to the same group
Isti was one of the colour spots in the room He was mostly reading about erotic topics and he had a funny or benign remark about everyone and he liked dirty things He showed us his genitals he openly looked at ours a little more than any normal teenager but we're used to it
One day our group finished first so Isti and I got to the dorm early He went straight to the shower I packed first we switched in the shower When I got back to the room he was on the lower floor of the bunk bed naked on his bed The bed above it was mine with my stuff on it I stepped over to get my clean clothes off so I could get dressed Since I'd already thrown the towel off my waist my dick was hanging in God's face I was looking forward to your comment when I heard it:
"Don't show me your dick or I'll eat it "
It went straight to the usual answer - after which nothing ever happened:
"Can't wait "
But then I was really surprised because I felt Isti grabbing my genitals I stepped back and he wouldn't let her go but he smiled with a questionful look and kept touching her I started to tingle and curiosity was stronger than fear I could still think about the others coming in about an hour let it run its course
I glanced at Isti's cock He's been pushing hard The sight of it and the constant caressing of it made mine all stiff Then Isti really put my dick in her mouth and started sucking His hot breath and soft lips made me close to the top in no time Then he let me out of his mouth and began to lick my scrotum and thigh He licked my penis and then he swallowed it again and he sucked it violently I couldn't take it anymore and a few seconds later I came gasping in his mouth He swallowed all my sperm
I couldn't make sense of it so I said "Thanks I'll pay you back" I got dressed and I walked in a nearby park until dark I went back to the dorm
It's been weeks and I've thought about it a lot I was getting more and more interested and when I got a hard-on I got scared because all I ever did was have sex with girls in my fantasy But my curiosity got stronger and stronger until one day I came up to isti and I said:
"I'm going to the nearby forest for a field trip this afternoon Come with me I'll repay you for the other day "
He looked surprised but he said yes
We left together after lunch In a calmer part of the forest we went into a dense forest where there was a little clearing This is where I used to think and study when I was sure I wanted to be alone I walked up to him without a word and started undressing him I grabbed his cock and I knelt at him I was excited at the start and I had already lost my head on the clearing so I took the beautiful silky-fingered cock into my mouth without thinking I licked it I tasted it and then I gave it a big blow job Isti got all heated up and his pre-secretion just fluttered which I greedily licked off his dick I was almost ecstatic when I suddenly had an idea to ask her if she wanted to fuck me She huffed and said yes and I got up and she took off my clothes and I turned my back completely naked on her I walked up to a nearby tree grabbed his trunk and bent over and offered my ass Isti did not hesitate he stepped behind me and from my sweat began to push his penis into my wet ass At the initial pain I had a lot of lust so my butt got "warmed up" pretty quick Isti even though he was a beginner he did very well At first I was beating my dick with one hand but then I was just focused on the dick inside of me filling me in()


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