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Somehow because of my job Klari and I spent a few days planning to meet for a little romp but we could never get it together Then an unexpected thing hit me My boss offered me an irresistible foreign job I beat my dick in Germany until October Metaphorically and literally because the job wasn't strenuous but it took up almost all my time I didn't get a chance to hook up with some chick especially since 99% of the guys worked at the plant However when I returned to my home job in mid-October and went out the next day for a late lunch in Deak Square I ran into Clari
- You've made my fortune - he jumped on my neck
- Me? With what?
- With your help My brother's back from Australia I just got back from the lawyer and in a few days we won't have that damn loan hanging over our heads
He was so excited that he decided to have lunch with me and invite me I couldn't talk him out of it so I agreed Of course during lunch we talked about a few months off and then that night we spent together and we talked about how we could really do the sequel
"But only with me" he spoon'd his soup with a smile  Bea's got a boyfriend and she's in love with him and she's not gonna go through that again
- Well as I recall he enjoyed it
- Listen The thing is Bea only took it on because I convinced her He's not like me by the way
- I don't know What are you like?
"I grew up with boys" he began  Me and my two brothers used to spend summers at grandma's There were cousins friends kids from the street and I used to play with the boys I went with them to play football fish bike build a hiding place in the small forest And after a while the toys came out At first it was just innocent kisses caresses and then it was the show - me-time and the 13th a few days before my birthday one of my older cousins licked me in the woods It was awesome and I got into it I used to jerk off to three boys in a row and while I was making one for one the other two were touching me and touching me When I was 16 I went through the baptism of fire with a guy a girl and I did things that would blow your mind
- Don't bet on that
- You'll see when I tell you There are times in my life that even I'm surprised at myself for being such a sex-crazed bitch Turns out until I was 19 all I cared about was learning and sex I applied to college with a totally good score I went to school on weekdays and on weekends I'd put her in a coma or lick myself with one of my boyfriends or classmates Maybe a classmate
I was surprised and excited at the nature of Klari's talk about all this and I asked her why if that's who she is then why isn't her daughter?
- Because I wasn't even 20 and I was pregnant I married Bea's father who I'm sure you won't be surprised was one of my instructors Of course I dropped out of college but we didn't have a bad life Apart from the fact that Bela changed after the wedding Sometimes he wouldn't touch me for a month Somehow he was less interested in sex At first I tried couples therapy and psychology but she was completely shut out of all that stuff Then I had to accept that something made him asexual After that I used to help myself with my hands and the hands and tongues of a friend of mine who wore the same shoes and sometimes had a couple of nights in my life Unfortunately my husband raised our daughter to be a prude Even though I tried to get him to accept the nature of sexuality from the time he was a child his father put the opposite in his head and somehow listened to him more Bea was the reason we didn't want a divorce and we were actually living well if I hadn't harassed my husband with my sex drive After Bela died I tried to relax my daughter's mind You saw the results the other day but then he told me he never wanted to be a part of it again
- You know it's weird You agree to have sex with a guy you don't know and a threesome with your mother and then you say "never again"?
- What do you want me to say? That's who he is He did it because I convinced him and he liked it but in his mind his father's software is still ticking which means these things aren't right Maybe the guy she's seeing will be the one who changes her Or maybe it'll be you ' cause she just said no to three not you So it could be anything By the way why don't you tell me all about this ad thing because I was wondering if I was gonna be looking for a sex partner in a job search
- It's very simple - I took out my phone - You go up this side and


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