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I knew I had to find a woman as soon as possibleI haven't had sex in months except for the Bible study The most obvious solution was Amelia
I managed to gain his trust and he held me in high esteem for getting the students to toughen up
I talked him into introducing the corporal punishment and he was having a hard time getting on board but then I noticed he was starting to like it more and more We became friends when we were on first name terms Amelia was celebrating her birthday inviting me to dinner so she wouldn't be alone After dinner we had wine and during our confessional conversation he admitted that the spanking made him feel lustful He also said that he had only been with a man once but he found the act very repulsive It's probably the wine that made it so informative
 I thought an intelligent attractive exciting woman like you had a lot of admirers
- Unfortunately no men avoid me perhaps they think I'm too educated - - - he thought Or maybe I'm ugly and nobody wants me
"You are curious you are young you deserve to be loved" I said
I sat next to him on the couch and I stroked his face and he came to me It was a terrible lack of love and I was trying to take advantage of it When I touched her breast she sighed through the thin blouse He opened up a little from the hug looked me in the eye and then kissed me passionately on the lips I treated her very gently caressed her caressed her and slowly undressed her She had shapely hard breasts and in the middle of the pink bud yard the nipples were prickly I pulled down her skirt and her panties and she was lying in front of me naked as a mother He didn't have the perfect shape his thighs were a little thick and his butt was big And yet I found it so desirable to take off my clothes He looked at my throbbing masculinity with an eye and I put it in his hand and he held it in fear I didn't mean to rush him I knelt between his legs and softened him with my mouth When I put my tongue in the hot shell he moaned loudly I was sure he'd never had an experience like this I was a little bit licked and then I lay on my back on the carpet and my dick was like a mast Amelia was crouching over me and slowly took in my brightly-stretched male member Her eyes were closed and her face had a smile of salvation I was speeding up he was riding me She screamed louder and louder and then she turned away from me He rested a little then he filled me with kisses
 I never thought I'd have the first orgasm of my life with a priest
- But not the last one because this priest is not satisfied and he's looking forward to the rest
- What can I do to make you happy?
- Kneel on the couch I want to take you from behind like dogs
He was on his hands and knees on the couch his head bent down and his butt came out The height was just right and I stood behind him and I pushed my gun from lechery to wet pussy I pushed a few of them but I did not enjoy the dilated vagina I wished for a tighter hole I pulled out his big muscular butt cheeks and launched an attack on his inviting anus He shouted with surpriseand I walked slowly I felt that he was starting to relax and I moved more bravely in the hot cave of the divine pass The last thing I did was pull my dick out of his rectum and rattle on his back Amelia screamed with delight and she was half dead on the couch We became very good friends we had good sex but we knew there couldn't be more between us A year ago I was a religious educator when our old vicar got very sick He was placed in a home of the church where he was taken care of
I was left with the flock the Bishop made me parish priest and I enjoyed it very much I had no problems with liturgical things I had mass I performed various rituals I had a busy day I got the money I renovated the church and the rectory The temple had a large sacristy and I had the inner part removed and I put a door on it and I had a place where I could hide from the world if I wanted to be alone There was nothing in it but a desk with a huge cloth an armchair and a very comfortable couch I was happy to see more and more people going to mass on Sundays especially women I'm even willing to risk more people getting their panties wet listening to me Because as we all know I was 25 years old and I grew up about 6 '2" and I was about 200 pounds
My hair was pitch black which my white skin emphasized even more and when I preached my voice filled this space But most of all I liked confession I knew everything about everyone and even though sometimes I heard scary things I didn't take sexual confessions Strictly or even encourage people to love each other()

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