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Next weekend Julie is her cousin Alexis 21 he was at his birthday party talking to his celebrated sister Adriana was just telling her how attractive she thought Steve was and I wish they weren't related because then she'd try to get into his pants Julie and Adriana were the same age and they always had a good time together They used to hang out together once or twice at night despite the parental ban Adriana with her 5 '8" was quite tall with a very thin figure and nice long legs His firm muscular buttocks were thanks to regular cycling Blonde hair came up under her shoulder Her breasts were smaller and perky with nipples that almost pierced her top
- Have you ever had sex? - Julie asked her cousin joining in this way
- Yeah a few times
- Really? - yeah What's it like? - he kept asking and he was glad to find someone around him who he could honestly ask
"I like it very good" said Adriana "But I think you know that Jules" she replied - I mean chicks with a bomb body like you guys are totally into it I'd kill for a pair of tits this big
 Actually I've given my boyfriend oral pleasure but I'm not ready to sleep with him yet I don't really know if it's him or me And there's nothing wrong with your bodyI've seen the way the guys here look at you
- Yeah typical guys A couple of drinks and all of a sudden you're good enough for them to get laid By the way What are your intentions with Gavin?
- Well sometimes I get the impression he's just trying to have sex and then he's just gonna get the hell out of here I feel like if I slept with her she'd be thinking about the next conquest And so I don't want to give him the satisfaction of being my first
- Sounds to me like you've made up your mind
- Hmm you're right I think it's time to tell him that and break up
- It's for the best
 What About You Addy do you have a boyfriend now?
- Not at the moment But I'll tell you sometimes I'm so hungry I could fuck anything Adriana laughed - I think I need a sex buddy
- A sex buddy?
- Yeah you know a friend with benefits someone I can hook up with but he doesn't want a serious relationship
"And I'm here to tell you that I'm dumping my boyfriend because that's exactly what he thinks I am" cried Julie
At this point in the conversation Steve walked up to them and welcomed them
- Hey Adriana How have you been?
- Pretty good What about you stud? I bet you're drooling over every girl in here
- Well not really 'Though there are some promising young ladies out there' said Steve
- Shut up Steve Don't be so insolent - Julie laughed
- So what are you two talking about? - Steve was curious
"Just the usual boys sucking having sex and Addy wishing you weren't Cousins so she could fuck you" said Julie laughing and Adriana pissed him off and hit him a little hard to make sure he stopped
"Oh well" replied Steve distraught and blushing but at the same time his sister's reference to his cousin's desires gave him a slight erection
"Jesus Jules you're so bad" said Adriana
'But you did not protest too much' said Steve accompanied by a half-smile - Can I get you guys some coolers?
They both accepted it so Steve went to look for something while the girls kept on talking When Steve came back they were whispering and Adriana looked at Julie with a shocked look
 Oh my god what are you guys up to now?  Steve asked but he wasn't sure if he really wanted to hear the answer He gave me his drinks and sat down next to his sister
"Well --" began Julie and took a look at her cousin to see her reaction  We were just talking about the biggest dick we've ever seen and I told him about my own experience but he doesn't believe me and he's accusing me of being a porn star
Steve had a good look at his sister and he wondered how much he had told her It seemed like Adriana was watching her reaction with similar curiosity
- I assured him I wasn't lying I saw him in the flesh and that he knew this person He wants to know if there's any way he can see it but I haven't decided whether to tell him or not
'Well I can hardly get into this conversation' replied Steve in a low voice
"Come on Jules tell me" said Adriana  I doubt there's any way I can take advantage of that and if you have any serious plans for this person I promise I won't interfere


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