Adolecente tetona se mastuba


A few months ago I would have been ashamed of myself by the thought of clicking on a page that contains erotic stories and even describing the story that happened to me you might say bizarre
I need to start with a little explanation to make sense of what I'm trying to sum up here I'm 43 years old but a lot of people say I could deny 10 years even though I have two daughters a 25-year-old who moved back into her own room after six months of marriage and a 20-year-old who's now in college My husband failed his construction business 16 years ago and was forced to work as a temp Unfortunately he's gone downhill from here and now he's giving home enough money to get into the overhead and covering a fraction of my youngest daughter's expenses letting the rest down his throat If he's got money he'll disappear for days and come home smelling like dirt The only thing I can look at now is disgust and our sex life hasn't been in six years We're in separate rooms and sometimes I help myself by hand when I can't handle myself anymore I only told my best friend about this unhappiness who encouraged me to get a divorce but if it wasn't a mistress You keep telling me that even though I'm getting a divorce you know I'm not going to have my girls around and I think about the lover why I should grovel for a dick in front of people In her final desperation my girlfriend offered me a boy service (she also orders from there and the company is correct) but since it does not want me to do so at the moment of my resignation she said to me that I should get a soulless "friend" I thought it was ridiculous to go to the sex shop at my age but one time my journey led me to one Deep breath and the door handle on the blackened door was pressed and entered It was a civilized place pale red light and there were only a few guys in there My heart was pounding in my throat and my feet wanted to go out but seeing the insidious interest in men I went to the girl behind the counter for that very reason
"I can help you" he asked bored but helpful
"Yes" I began to lie in that moment " it is a birthday party for a colleague of mine and her colleagues decided to surprise her with something farce We were thinking of getting him a number but I'm gonna be honest with you I don't know what kind so I don't want to be picky
- Oh I see - she said so and put a newspaper in front of me
'Ah no I don't mean to be picky I leave it to you' I urged as the men in there burned my back with the gaze of the man I saw in the window
The lady took a box and said
- That's what I'd recommend Open it
- No you don't have to if you can wrap it - I told you
 Unfortunately I don't knowall I have is a discreet shopping bag - and he put it in
I paid fast and couldn't wait to get out Of course it wasn't any better because all the way home I had this feeling that everyone was watching my bag and smiling at me I couldn't wait to slam the door behind me and throw the bag on my bed I quickly changed into my home dress my older daughter was on the afternoon my little college student my husband who knows where Of course he showed up for dinner and gave me 5000 forints and said he was going out with his buddies to celebrate his payday That's how I knew I wouldn't see him again for a few days
I did the dishes I took a shower and I sat in my dressing gown in front of the TV but it was a boring show and I decided to go to bed As I entered my bedroom I saw the bag that I had completely forgotten I stood in front of him and I thought I wanted to do this but I finally decided if I had already thrown out so much money for it ( it was lucky I had it because it was expensive) then I would at least see why I had to work again for a few days I unwittingly opened it and I took a silver cylinder out of the box one end of which was almost pointy and the other end was a black cap thing I read from the box that you have to unscrew the cap and put the batteries in and turn them on
After I completed this operation I said to myself "How can I be so stupid to spend so much money for nothing" I turned the Switch and with a low buzz it started shaking in my hand which made me suddenly leave it On my blanket she trembled and became more excited by the sight and I took her in my hand again Like a wall I put my hands together and I closed my eyes and I started watching movies about guys that were cooler than cool and I felt like I was getting turned on I wanted to masturbate with my hands first but the vibrating rod in my hand made me fantasize I tied my robe and I always sleep naked so I pressed the cone-shaped end of the cylinder to my naked body I started to feel something unspeakable and approaching my breasts My nipples were already sharpened but when I touched it I felt like lightning()


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