Russian Brother Tempts Teen Sister


The snake lies soft in its nest lying dormant Her body is soft her skin is flaccid and wrinkled but she never gets old He hides proudly because he knows that if he comes out of his skin he'll be young again his wrinkles will smooth out his body will stretch and the force will swell
But he's still waiting Listen and listen The Voice of blood does not call him and the desire runs lazily through his veins He hides his head he breathes quietly he closes his eyes his skin alone listens He's not impatient he knows life "He is the origin" he thinks full of pride His time will come he'll just have to wait Because he wants to wake up to be reborn to give life to see the light of day to make his way again He wants to explore the secret cradle he always longs for So he lies still but every pore of his skin is hungry and responds to the slightest touch
Soft curious caresses are the first to revive his blood It moves slowly through it steadfastly stirring its Fire and gently caresses it sliding back and forth on its skin and when it awakens its dormant power it is excited to be pampered You know it's the only way he can have a life of his own And when they gently lift his head pull his skin back the light finally reaches him
Yet you do not open your eyes for you are at home in the dark He's just stretching a little but he's not showing his true form yet he's just twirling around But when the wet tongue reaches it new roads open deep inside its body its strength grows rapidly
He lies contented but suspiciously waits for the moment when he can rise on his own strength It is a tender tongue that changes its shape which plays on its skin clinging to it with a body that spreads and ploughed with its pointed end but this softness makes its serpent's body hot and makes its blood flow even faster The licorice does not weaken it but grows it more and more severe and when it sees the mouth approaching it it is not afraid but rather with intense agitation awaiting the absorbing darkness
The hug is hot and tight but he doesn't mind if they don't let him go The lips are sensitive to it and when the blood flowing beneath its skin is thrust into its bare head it glances red into the dark and it tolerates fingers touching its body
He can't run anymore but he doesn't want to Though they hold her tight her skin is pulled her head is scratched by teeth she rises pertfully swells up into a rock so that she can finally show her true greatness and go her own way His old strength re-engulfs him his skin stretched young in the wet embrace his blood flowing violently and he can feel that he could be happy in this cave
He wants something else He is not alone with a soft tongue twirling around him moistening his reptilian body but he is no longer the flexible snake he was His hard-hitting body is transformed his life-throbbing tension is not bent to his waist and his goal is only one: to find the hole he longed for where he can be alone
Of course he still likes a warm hug but he's looking for another nest His hardened body seeks to gain access to the hidden cradle which has been shaped precisely in its shape
His mind is short but he somehow remembers that one
The serpent knows that only the power of blood can help it otherwise it cannot penetrate nor occupy its well-deserved tunnel Her head is red as it comes out of her lips but it's not the rage that's doing it He's in his element he's in a state of intense excitement and when he finally gets close to the nest he desires a transparent tear comes out of his single eye
You're not surprised because that's what you've been waiting for He resurrected because he wanted to break into the secret hole he created for him He wants to explore his deepest hiding place and feel his protective circle
The nest opening is a pink miracle His valley hidden between two hills opens a little upon his approach yet it seems incredible that his mighty head could fit in all its width But the blood snake isn't worried Although his memory is short I remember it from his previous resurrection You know as well as I do that when you're ploughing with blood hardness you can't stand in front of anything
He holds his head against the opening and then slowly circles as the doors open between the two hills However the gap still seems closed and the blood snake does not understand why there are no doors there for they do not create a barrier with their lenient bending Are they decorating the nest entrance? Or do you want to use your vivid colors to show us where the entrance to the tunnel is? They seem useless to him and yet he plays with them for though his memory is short he will suspect that the Hide of the Nest will be revealed sooner if he fawns over them
As he rubs his head against the doors that swing back and forth he feels like he's being watched Surprised to see the red eyes rising above the little opening from its drooping hide Relative maybe Like the eyes of reptiles he's all over her He pokes her in the head and she stands out perky It's not even an eyemaybe it's the entrance guard looking at him All of a sudden he's rubbing it all over his body()


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