Young Teen Fucking 4


- Hi Rebecca - I said hello to the woman sitting behind the counter when I walked in the door of the women's clothing store - I thought you weren't coming to work today
Rebecca had a funny smile on her face when she looked up at me from a newspaper spread across the counter
"I was close" he said folding the paper - I'd like to go down to the beach and lay out in the sun all day just to get a nice tan
- Or burn hot red Hey there's a heat alarm out there and there's air conditioning in here That's the only good thing I can say about this place
Rebecca thought about it and shrugged her shoulders He didn't say it but his face looked like he'd rather be on the beach than at the boutique even in the face of sunburn Just as I would have preferred to cool down next to Lake Balaton in the shade of a tree sipping beer rather than pass the time at the computer store next to the boutique It was summer it was hot and it's Saturday noon and I don't even go to the computer store And as a matter of fact
I looked around but I didn't see a customer at the boutique What a surprise There's enough clothing stores on the beach that are much more expensive but tourists aren't going to be eaten this high and far from the lake The locals bought what they wanted a long time ago So we could have locked up
- You want a beer? - I asked him and I showed him the bottle he was hiding behind my back
- But he took it anyway
- Why is the boss here?
- Are you kidding me? He's on vacation in Greece - I opened his beer with my knife and then mine We took a sip of the cold stuff It felt good
"Typical" I sighed with feigned resentment - He barely talks to me and he usually gives me shit and he even tells you where he's going on vacation - An important addition: the whole building belonged to one man In one half he opened a women's clothing store and in the other he opened a computer shop Interesting combination
"She only shared it with me because she wanted to have sex with me" said Rebecca laughing but with some disgust in her voice
"How loyal she is" I pulled the bottle again and then I leaned against the door - At least he has good taste
Rebecca blushed I only knew him a few months ago - when I got to the store he was already working here - but since I see him on a daily basis we got to know each other pretty quickly And even though I didn't like it all I gave him the benefit of the doubt "he who does not play does not win" However until this day I never thought it would be more than flirting especially since she had a boyfriend - who showed up every day at 1: 00 am It is true Rebecca has repeatedly explained to me that her relationship is getting cold and the boy has proved to be too flip-flops and so on and so forth Yet he was loyal to her but today I saw a new glint in her eyes He took my compliments unabashedly while biting his lower lip he smiled wide I kept hitting the Iron
- If I were you I'd hit on a hottie like you I'd even ask her to Greece
- You'd do so much for me?  He stepped forward almost stepped into my private sphere but I didn't care Her flirtatious green eyes pierced my eyes In the air-conditioned cool air I felt the warmth of his body and he leaned so close that his breath touched my face Unfortunately the smell of the beer I drank broke the spell
"Yes of course if I were him" I replied as a joke but the punch line was no longer there We drifted apart with a grin
'Of course' he said clearing his throat trying to conceal his discomfort We both put down the beer quickly and for a few moments came between us a certain awkward silence which was eventually broken by Rebecca
- I need to go in the back and check something out
I nodded As soon as he turned his back I reached into my pocket and scooped two Tic Tacs out of his box As I was rambling on Rebecca returned I deduced from the motion of his closed mouth that he had also taken something to refresh his breath This however did not interest me as much as the red bikini held in his hand I wonder what he's up to
- LISTEN Can you hold down the Fort? - he stepped in front of me not too close this time  I've been wanting to buy these for a long time but I haven't had a chance to try them on You know the seller can't go shopping and leave the store to a buyer
Of course because after closing you don't have 12 hours before opening to try on clothes The bait was pretty tasteless but I bit it anyway Just the thought of it gave me a fresh start so of course I said yes
"Go ahead" I said to the dressing-room and fell behind the counter  I mean the customers might look at me funny but Al Bundy sold women's shoes so I can sell some bras and panties
- Okay he laughed  If there's a problem just scream and it's gone away with a spectacular hip swing


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