Best of Lusty Teens 1


I have an adolescent experience I'd like to share with you I lived in a small village near Lake Balaton In summer we went to the nearby beach every day which lasted less than 15 minutes by bike Of course it would have been much longer on the highway but we used a narrow pedestrian path through a dense forest Hiding in the woods there were cottages weekend houses far away from each other One of these cottages was a lady who had stories all over her She was a lonely mysterious woman and people were afraid of her and the kids made fun of her when they saw her I'm sure he was an interesting character the one who talked to him said he had a very free mouth And her dress was very different from the village The people called her a forest witch
One morning in the early summer I was riding my bike down this path after my friends to the beach and I saw a figure before me He wore a pink nylon suit white rubber boots on his feet and a straw hat with fringed edges on his head Oh my God the forest witch just flashed through my head I couldn't get around it anymore so I landed in the bush that lined the path I heard the old lady laughing out loud and then she took my bike and pushed it away I got out of the bushes and went after him and I saw him go in a wooden gate By the time I got there she had already kicked her boots off and she was sitting on the terrace on a swing her hat was pulled deep into her eyes I took all the courage I could get and I took a closer look
- Please aunt I want my bike back and I apologize if I startled you
I knew I couldn't go home without the bike I just got a good report card
He was staring at me and I was really scared
"You mock me too I remember you" he said
"No I would never do that" I defended myself in despair
- I have to punish you I'm not gonna hit your head ' cause you're gonna be stupid but I think a spanking might be a fitting punishment
I couldn't believe it my parents haven't spanked me in years and this witch comes along and tries to humiliate me
 I tried
- No you come here you'll be over in a few minutes Or get off my property right now
I was in a lot of trouble and if I go home without a bike my dad's gonna walk away and I'm not even gonna have a bike However if I let myself go I might be able to get out of here early keep my vehicle and if I'm lucky no one will ever know about this humiliation
I came before her in disgrace He took off his straw hat and smiled and measured me
- What's your name Kid?
"I am Csaba" I replied softly
Now without a hat he looked better than I expected I thought she was about 50 years old a little big her breasts almost fell out of thin clothing As she sat her housecoat was all the way up her knickers were almost out
"Come on Chabika you'll be over soon" he drew close to you
When I came up he pulled my shorts off and I hit the first punch on my naked butt It didn't hit hard it didn't hurt much it was starting to get hot My dick is really tense for the woman's naked thighs He must have sensed it because he stopped spanking and set me up I was standing in front of him with a prickly Dick shamed again and I just wanted to run away
- Well well
That's all she said staring at the penis dangling in front of her Then he stepped into action slipped his left hand under my eggs and gently crushed them With his right hand he grabbed my erectic Wiener and slowly began milking it
- Did you want your grandmother kid?
"No" I moaned barely audible
- I can't hear you louder - he squeezed the limb in his hand
- Yes yes yes - it came out of me
I shouldn't have denied itit was very good the way you handled me I used to jerk off to myself too but this was heaven compared to that My cock has never felt so hard and so powerful At this moment my testicles were stretched and throbbing moaning loudly I came to the woman's breasts
"Well that's a bit hasty my child" he looked reproachfully at me
I had nothing to say in my defense so I kept quiet
He threw a pillow on the floor kneeled in front of me and smiled at me while with one hand my testicles and the other caressed my Acorn Then he leaned closer and glided his tongue along the sides of the hardening tail a few times When he took my Acorn I cried out in surprise He grabbed my ass with his hands and drew me closer to him I felt his hot breath on my groin Then his head began to move rhythmically on the male member in his mouth He was grabbing my ass harder and his nails were digging into my flesh Occasionally he gently bit the sensitive skin or sucked heavily on it()


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