RealityKings – Teens Love Huge Cocks – Hit It Again


A phone call breaks me out of my sleep I left the workshop for an afternoon nap and they won't let me rest The hell with it
- Almeida here - I'm gonna bark in the clam
 Hola amigo - there's a raspy voice in it
Manolo Ramirez the neighbor That's all I needed
- What's up hombre? Don't ask for money I don't have money
- Don't lie to me Orestes Almeida You always have money But that's not why I'm calling - he laughs in a squeaky voice
- What is it? - I'm asking you suspiciously Manolo's ideas are usually pretty grim
- I have a problem - he's starting off on the wrong foot
- Who doesn't? - I'm interrupting
- Don't be silly Orestes Look I need your help
- What Have you gotten yourself into? I don't want to export rabbits and I don't want to open a cigar factory - I'm referring to his past stupidity
- No listen to me So There's an English guy I agreed to rent him one of my rooms You know my house burned down last night Can't you put him in your place? I can't bring him to this pigsty - he wails
 And what kind of man is this Englishman of yours? - I'm asking
- He's a professor He's moving in from London
- For what?
- Teach you idiot He's coming for six months Fucking hell If it wasn't for this fire I'd be making good money - he's bitter
- When does he arrive?
- Tomorrow I told him he'd have a place to live I don't want to leave him in the shit He's such a good man
- How do you know that? You used to guard pigs together? - I'm sucking his blood
- Don't be a jerk There's this big house what are you doing in it all by yourself? You'll have a good side income for six months - explain
- Listen to me Does this man have contact information? I want to negotiate with him myself
- You don't trust me? - he asks in an offended tone
- I don't take anyone into my house - I'm being stubborn
- Damn you I'll pick up the man at the airport tomorrow bring him to you and then you can make a deal Are you okay with that?
- All right But I might send you to a hotel
- That's on you now Black as hell Instead of being happy I'm making you such a good deal you're acting like a prima donna - he's upset
- I know what you've been up to Don't flatter yourself
 I'm not gonna argue with you anymore you're as stubborn as a mule I'll bring the English to you tomorrow so we'll talk
Before I say anything he hangs up
I sit on the bed with a sigh The dream is completely out of my eyes
I wonder who this crazy Manolo is trying to sell me He's a professor Probably some old geezer English There will be no 5: 00 tea Max you can have a rum
Speaking of rum i'll pour myself a glass
Actually I was thinking of renting out one of my rooms but I never got to the realization
I've been living alone for a year My wife left me and took the kids with her I didn't even get visitation saying I was aggressive In fact Consuelo got some from me but I never hurt the kids And that bitch fucked around she deserved to be beaten Someone else would have done it
My hands are clenched my heart is pounding I'll smash the glass on the table and storm over to the shop
It's what I do for a living not bad I'm well known here in TrinidadI always have a job I work alone I take full responsibility for my work It's the most important thing in my life maybe that's why I couldn't be a good husband and a devoted father
I'm starting my latest acquisition a 1957 Chrysler New Yorker This car is so beautiful I might keep it to myself The color is black and in very good condition I'll have less work to do with it than I expected
While I'm in the car I'm completely relaxed I can't think of past grievances anymore Fixing cars has helped me get through the last year and it's really making me feel better about myself right now
I get so caught up in work I don't even realize how much time has gone by It's just my growling stomach telling me it's time to eat something
I'm gonna go over to the House whip up a tortilla and stretch out in the chair
I have a pleasant numbness somewhat enhanced by the amount of rum I consume little by little I don't bother with glassesI take one out of the bottle every once in a while
The doorbell rings suddenly
I hold the bottle in my hand I go to the door with a cigarette in the corner of my mouth
There's a strange man on the doorstep at least I don't remember ever seeing him in my sad life The two giant suitcases standing next to him give me a vague idea Did I sleep through the day? It's impossible I've been drinking a lot lately though
- Hello I'm Barnaby Jones Manolo Ramirez told me you have a room for rent - say it in a pleasant calm voice with a boyish smile


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