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I find myself slightly perverted and anyone who reads this story will agree with me
My friend Vicki and I have been together for two years and you have to know that I was her first sex date Yeah I was Because my perversion is that I'm incredibly turned on by the idea of my girlfriend having sex with a guy in front of me I talked to Vicki a lot about threesome and she was pretty positive about it but she said she'd only do it if I really wanted to
It took a long time for this little group to happen It's not hard to find a sex partner on the internet but a good one can only be selected after a thorough selection My girlfriend is a pretty girl tall thin I thought only a pretty boy would fuck her in front of me Secretly it was important to me that the boy had a big tool but my girlfriend couldn't have known that
In fact it all started out as a conversation about how great it would be to videotape our lovemaking I offered to get a guy to videotape us having sex After I found the right guy Robbie we met him and luckily Vicki liked him I met Robbie again later and we talked about what we were gonna do at the three-way
Robi lived alone so there was no problem organizing the place We went to Robi's on a Saturday night and we talked in a good mood we had a drink to ease the tension
Robi's getting ready for the recordingshe's wearing boxer shorts like we talked about He was tall about 6 '2" and he was thin but he was muscular brown hair and eyes I saw Viki interested in butterfly
We walked to the double bed in the living room kissing each other stroking each other
The clothes began to come off nicely and I saw Robin was very interested in what Viki was offering: 5 '9" thin waist round bottom shapely breasts long brown hair blue-green eyes You have an incredible sexy way of taking off your thong it's maddening
When we were naked Viki pushed me on my back climbed over me and gently sucked my dick which was already swollen with excitement It didn't take much and in its full size that is 16 cm in length and a good four inches in width my dick was hard I saw Robbie's boxer shorts bulging too which seemed to indicate a rather large size
I knocked Viki on my back and I pushed her in slowly He enjoyed it very much and he sighed very much That's how we made love while Robi recorded us on the video like "from the bottom" as my dick slips in and out of Vicki's wet pussy After a while I stood up almost sat on my foot stream and like I was pushing Vicki's pussy with the end of my dick Meanwhile Rob had his boxer shorts off and that's when I saw the size of his toolbox I mean we talked about it on chat but seeing it like this was really exciting About 5 to 6 cm thick and about 21 long At least that's what he said I believed it
Vicki was lying there with her head on the edge of the bed Robby with the camera was standing next to the bed right above Vicki's head and he was recording me gently pushing my dick in and out Vicki looked up to Robbie and that's when I saw the surprise on Viki's face with the great tool He looked at me and then he looked back at the tail That's when I told him he could touch her if Robbie would let me Of course he willWith trembling hands he reached for the big swollen tool and held it firmly He barely touched his hand He gently began pulling the skin up and down I'm already very excited about thisI just didn't show up Then I signaled Viki to make love from behind
He turned around and now he's facing Robi and he's offering me his pussy I went in right away and he started beating Robi's dick with one hand I leaned on Vicki from behind and asked her if she wanted to suck on that nice big tool After a short thought he slowly put his acorn in his mouth and started sucking it Meanwhile Robbie was filming Vicki from above
I took my dick out of Vicki I went to Robi and I took the camera away from her Vicki asked me what I was doing I told her I was gonna take a break but I want her to keep having sex with Robbie()

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