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On Saturdays I regularly get the necessary cooking supplies at the market near my place of residence I like to do this because I like to negotiate with the cool people and there's always someone I know who I can talk to Anja who we've known for a long time also works here as a salesman at a small food-supply store Over the years we've had a very direct relationship When I get to her she's past the morning rush so we can talk undisturbed I noticed it from the moment we met as the good weather set in she's getting darker I suspected that he like me would enjoy spending his free time out in the open When I asked him about it he made no secret of it at all He told me all at once eager to end the cold winter He likes to take a sun bath and since their yard is closed the neighbors ' prying eyes protect him from the high tuyasor so he usually goes skinny dipping It's true you can see through a window upstairs in a neighbor's apartment but he doesn't seem to care On his days off or after work it is good for him to rest on a good warm day Since I usually sunbathe naked I was glad to hear what you said After clearing that up in our conversations we usually had a recurring theme of summer vacation nudist lifestyle
On one of these occasions I jokingly noted that I would like to be your neighbor I'm sure I would spend my afternoons in the upstairs window And he said in the most natural way if I was curious to see you on Monday you'd be welcome and I don't even have to pee in the upstairs window We had a good laugh at that and I promised him if the weather allowed me to take the invitation
Monday we woke up to bright sunshine I suddenly remembered the little exchange above but I didn't want to seem intrusive and maybe she didn't mean the invitation so I looked for other things to do But the phone rang around 10: 00 To my surprise there was Anja at the end of the line Straight to the point He told me he was already out in their backyard When I get there I don't have to ring the bell the key will be inside the gate Just reach in and open it and lock it carefully behind me and hang up the phone So I followed your instructions I got in my car and it was like a half an hour later I was parked outside their apartment The key was at the rendezvous point so I got in unobstructed I closed the gate then put the key in my pocket and made a curious journey towards the back of the courtyard As I left the building I immediately saw my friend Anja who was lying on her back enjoying the sun and of course as usual naked
I just waved up to him we greeted each other and we just kind of started talking He was completely natural he didn't bother at all I tried to act natural too but I was so impressed by the sight of her naked body that I didn't think I could do that Her evenly-brown skin her womanly breasts and her shapely pussy got to me To overcome some confusion I quickly sat down on one of the garden chairs For a short time we talked like this and then letting go of a naughty smile he soon remarked If I had enough of the view and if I wanted to I might as well join him after all that's why he took out two sponges I didn't need any more I got rid of all my clothes immediately
Antja looked at me with interest and I noticed that she liked what she had experienced and even though I regularly shave the "below-the-belt area" with only a small band it was really pleasing to her He suddenly noticed how much he liked it After that I didn't bother myself I admitted that I was a little surprised when you just greeted me naked like that I was reassured that he noticed it at once but he didn't want to add to my confusion We laughed about it and after I took a dip in the pool I quickly took my seat We sunbathed we talked and then when the sun was really hot we went swimming in the cool water again and again As we stepped out of the pool with every shape-litter her pussy glistening from the ancha water drops made me feel a maddening desire to touch it
As the drops of water lay on his back I could not escape the sight I knelt on her side and enjoyed watching the water drops run out Anja was leaning on her elbows and looking at me with interest We looked at each other and then he looked at his vagina and he just nodded his head and said "the way is free" Then I slowly leaned over his lap and placed a little kiss on it Then I gradually confronted him while he opened his shapely thighs wider and wider I caved in between his legs and my lips immediately caught on the swollen lips I went on a journey of discovery with my tongue()


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