RealityKings – Moms Bang Teens – (Dillion Harper) – Laws Of Attraction


Finally These are home streets I know every pothole in this place and I avoid them on a routine basis without paying attention There's a place right outside the House There is a God I've never parked so easily the car's almost in place
That was a lot This week at the end of the world I hate training It's a sleepy show nothing to see around here Guys ' night-time binge drinking Every night there's someone who needs to be taken off the stage Of course there's also a couple of romances mostly in a drinking state I don't want any of that Tanner -- the company's macho -- is hitting on me" I'm a hot chick" He's not just insinuating he's making unmistakable offers Plus he's convinced I'd be honored to fuck him EW The whole milieu is awful
Of all the boys Kálmán is the only exception but he is timid But that's okay I have you I've been craving the hug I've been without for days
I'm gonna turn off the engine get out and out of habit I'm gonna look up at our window It's dark Where the hell are you the love of my life? I just texted you and said I was coming I've been waiting for you to hug me and treat me The poison's pouring in I can go up to the empty apartment It's obviously a mess and a mess I'm exhausted and starving I hate everything and everyone Especially you I swear by myself I throw the bag back in the car and I walk across the street to the little restaurant
- Tartar - instead of saying goodbye to the smiling Uncle Joe who looks just like my high school history teacher He's shaking he's running he knows something's wrong Bring me my glass of wine then the tartar I almost said I didn't ask for wine but I'm ashamed I'm gonna start mixing the meat I'm very sensitive about the proportions and you're the only one allowed to do it for me As it should be the toast comes just as soon as I'm ready My phone rings I look at it It's you I'm gonna think a little bit about whether or not I should wear it
- How the hell did you even think of me? Did someone warn you you were married? - I'm being hostile
- I'm sorry? - you sound shocked - what's wrong?
- Nothing much I just got home after a few days But don't let that bother you
- But you're not home - you're desperate after a long silence I can't stand the wall
- Are you home? - I'll be terribly embarrassed in a second
- Where would I be? I'm waiting for you
I'm pushing away the food I've just tasted In my run I put a large bill in the old man's hand who nodded with satisfaction as if I had given a proper answer to the time of the tartar walk I come upstairs breathless I don't have the patience to bother with the keyI lean against the bell You open it almost immediately I'll jump on your neck happily kiss you You're clumsy You don't understand anything Before the rude phone now this emotional outburst
You take me into the room Clean and clean everywhere Table set Instead of lights there's candles on the table Oh damn it That's why I thought you weren't home You're bringing dinner Tartar I almost beat it out of your hand when I'm laughing at you again
- I'm sorry love - I kiss you with love
I'm just gonna tell you what happened while I eat We're laughing our asses off
- Trust me on this one darling - you note some reprimands in your voice
We'll have another glass of wine We talk quietly hold hands I'm looking at your brown hair your black glistening eyes You look a lot like the Feri I was hopelessly in love with years ago But I won't tell you that I love you I missed you so much I'll come to you you'll touch me gently in my hair I really want you but I'm not rushing you We're gonna start kissing Your mouth is hot passionate You're taking me into the bedroom Who knows but now we're naked You kiss me on the neck bite me gently which I love so much One of my breasts is in your hand your thumb is in my nipple's name It starts to tingle and then it spreads to my groin My nipples are staring wildly at you as you lick them and suck them Oh finally My panting became a whimper Still my dear I'll open my flaming lap and wait for you You're almost there Between the little fur-puffs your tongue will find me with unmistakable certainty on my moist lips It's so beautiful Enter them my life It's like you hear the unspoken wish you slide between them I'll scream The touch of the petting tongue makes my pussy fill with lust You linger at the entrance my vagina twitches You move a little inside me More and more But all I can do is moan You're going up With trembling loins I await the coming tongue When you touch my bloated Bud your finger slips into my cave I scream Oh finally That's wonderful my love Love me Love me like this My clitoris What is it now? What has happened? You quit?? You can't do this I'll die if you leave me like this


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