My parents were pretty young when I was born They weren't rich so we lived in a twin house with the grandparents My brother Zoli was born after me for a year my father worked very hard when we were 13 or 14 years old we played out in the yard all summer which was quite spacious My brother and I were inseparablewe went everywhere together and played together When Grandma was home we brought her in Grandma Mary was 52 years old and liked to dress young My grandfather died five years ago Grandma had big titsshe didn't weigh that much in the middle
That summer it was hot and my dad and dad were working at home with us and she was sunbathing out in the yard but she didn't put on a bra Back then we were interested in sex like our motherand we'd seen her naked but we were kind of curious about Grandma's What kind of hair is on it maybe? So grandma was out sunbathing and we were watching He spread his legs a little bit and he had a good look at his breasts That's when we thought we should fuck grandma We went for a bath before dinner last night and it wasn't embarrassing for grandma to give us a bath She'd already put on her bra but she was wearing the same bikini Suddenly with an idea I grabbed her panties with two hands and pulled her down We watched him bewitched he was stunned
- You're normalyou want to look at your own grandmother's pussy don't you have people your own age to look at?
- No but we want to see yours not someone else's
- Well take a good look ' cause you're never gonna see him again
He turned and left the bathroom My brother and I finished our bath and went to find Grandma We found him in the kitchen making dinner She was still in a bikini so I went behind her and I pulled her panties down again
- What do you want normal people? What the hell are you doing with my panties?
- Nothing with the panties but we want to fuck you
- That's all you want?
- We wish for you and you'll be fine
My brother pulled down his pants his dick was standing and grandma could see that and I pulled it off so she could see both of us We went to her and we freed her breasts and we fell for her and I reached into her vagina and I started to excite her Grandma began to give up on the slight resistance she had shownand she began to moan We got him on his knees and started sucking his dick We got him up on my knees and I started licking his pussy and he started sucking on my brother Then I stood up and stuck my dick in her pussy So we put it in his mouth and then we put our semen in his mouth
We were having dinner when our parents cameand my father was very tired so he took a bath and went to sleep My mom sat down to dinner and told me about her day and then she went to take a bath and went to sleep It was just the two of us in the kitchen and grandma was doing the dishes and she looked at me and smiled
- Mama come onGive me a blow jobyou haven't done it in a while
- What it wasn't enough?
- No we want to fuck you every day everywhere in the garden up in the attic out on the terrace in the car and down in the basement
Grandma came up to me on her knees and took it out and took it He did so well that I soon came in his mouth Then he sent me to sleep When I woke up in the morning my parents were gone and Zoli and I were sleeping in separate roomswhere I heard familiar noisesso I went in and Zoli was fucking my grandmother and I pulled my pants off and I went to Grandma's and I put my dick in front of her mouth which she got right in He sucked it hard and then I came in his mouth my brother pumped his uterus full of hot jizz After breakfast my brother went to his friend's house and grandma asked me to help him dig in the garden Which I was happy to do We went up and he started and I was looking at his fantastic ass from behind(Whichlet's face it is 52 and who's beautiful fantastic?Let's pretend it's nice()


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