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Sanyi was the guy I could put on a pedestal for me Not because he was such an example but because I made him one
I used to come into the pub for her because I knew she was working I used to sit in the empty room for two or three hours sipping a single Coke He made a lot of jokes about me He made a lot of sex remarks One time when I freaked out about my ex being rude I said something like " I need a sensitive guy" Sanyi looked at me earnestly and said without blinking an eye that he would be happy to give me a hug first
We looked at each other and laughed
I liked it very much he had everything I liked about a guy: long thin hair of dreadlocks deep brown - almost black eyes piercing his eyebrows But unfortunately there was one thing I didn't like about any guy: he had a girlfriend Plus he was the rare type who didn't cheat on his partner Even though I knew she wasn't so loyal to him it was clear to me that our relationship would never be any more I once asked him what he would do if I took his lines seriously looked me in the eye and said "We were supposed to meet three years ago"
He soon got married and a year later he had a little boy I just e-mailed him and congratulated himI haven't seen him in person in a long time I found out from an online photo that he had his waist-long locks cut off and his tattoos started to grow I don't like guys who are so decorated Sanyi was starting to fall into that category
Since I wasn't home most of the year we were limited to nameday Easter Christmas-New Year greetings
It's been five years or six years since I stopped seeing him we haven't talked about all kinds of stupid things he hasn't referred to me for sex and he hasn't complimented me on my butt or my breasts in disguise or openly when we met two weeks ago
I was tired and cranky My boyfriend left me my job was a nightmare and they sent me to one of the country companies to assess the situation I had to pee on the way home from the bus There was a pizza place about half way out so I said " I'm going in there I'm going to have dinner"
I literally freaked out when I walked in and there was a familiar voice coming at me:
- Hey Girl haven't seen you in ages
Sanyi was behind the counter grinning all over me and I immediately knew why I loved her so much By the way I loved it when he called me a girl I knew he was a mood and emotional addict I wasn't the only one he called a girl but there were only a few of us and we were all very close I fell asleep put down my bag and jacket
- I'll be right back - I hissed and headed to the bathroom
By the time I got back he was sitting at a table With a beer first and a big glass of lemon lime next to it I settled down with him
We started talking Turns out he runs the pizzeria -- picked out what I was eating but I agreed to pay for it -- and we talked as good as we used to Of course he made some of his lower notes but he wasn't a jerk he was more of a cross-border dancer And I told him and he told me that with a woman as hot as you it's a good thing he talks about sex when you can't do it He added that since I must have a boyfriend
 Not that that changes the fact that you're married and you have a beautiful child
- Not every marriage is perfect But I don't have to explain that You look peaked - he stroked my face I let him It was sweet the way his fingers caressed me Suddenly it dawned on me that I shouldn't It wasn't because of his wife because I knew his loyalty at least before they were married was not a virtue but because of the child Besides it's always been my principle that I don't need happiness at the expense of someone else's suffering Meanwhile he was walking towards my neck and I could feel myself shaking after every mill
- No don't do that you mustn't
- It won't hurt anyone
"Please" I whispered to him pleading with my eyes Plus there was a small party passing by our table
 I haven't wished for anyone but Elmin in years but you - he leaned closer to me and the red light was flashing in my brain I knew I was going to lose my touch I slipped away with the chair
- Sanyi no
- You want it as much as I do I can see it in your eyes In fact we wanted it when you went to Orpheus
- But the come Everyone's looking at us please please
- Okay let's get out of here
- No I'm not No I can't You have to understand
- I don't understand I want you I want you I may not want to put you to bed but I want to kiss you caress you I want to hold you
- Don't go on it won't be 10 minutes before Silvi knows
- Silvi cheated on me More than once I found her diary It's from years ago up in the attic I looked it up when I was upstairs taking care of the mice All I know is that a boyfriend must have been there for me They slept together three times()


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