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Julia didn't have the courage to look Sylvia in the eye the next day not to make coffee for her in the morning but as someone who was running from the memories of the previous night she snuck into her work and threw herself into the bushes She'll let me out of this shame and everything will go back to the way it was and Sylvia will always rise above everything and that'll make it easier for her
Luckily there was something to distract Julia and that was that Christine came up with a new business idea He thinks the cafeteria should expand its supply He found a recently opened local bakery nearby that would supply them with pastries and pastries if they were interested Coffee would be perfect for you in the morning and the owner was very nice and kind and very reliable
Julia didn't want to expand at first she wasn't sure her guests would take it well He was afraid the goods would stay on him In spite of this one morning Christine brought a good portion of the tasting which was rushed by the guests and in fact seemed longer and more comfortable to stay in the coffee shop in the morning before work than before So far there's only been more traffic at lunchtime and at night and this innovation could have increased morning hours so Julia agreed to cooperate
He arranged a meeting with the owner of the bakery Karl with whom they quickly found common ground In other words the man delivers the pastries to the café at a discounted price in exchange for which he can post the bakery ad in the cafe in the way and in the form you dreamed up
The owner of the bakery was a not-so-tall strong upper-body sympathetic brown-eyed mean-spirited 35-year-old man who ran the family business alone recently He learned from his father all the tricks of making cakes made from fine yet healthy ingredients
Julia was swept off her feet by her confident attitude and expertise and her charming behavior He invited her to his café to have a cup of coffee with him and discuss the details there The man had a crush on the little cafe and with his flattery he swept Julia off her feet
As time went by working with Karl was getting more and more smooth He came to the coffee shop several times to have a little chat over a nice cup of coffee and cake Julia liked chocolate chip muffins soft liquid dark chocolate on the inside Little blueberries while Karl liked Latte Macchiato very much from Julia's menu
Julia grew more and more fond of him and as he did he opened up to her For the man's coffee the cream from the decorative leaf form became more and more heart-shaped
The man was a little distant didn't initiate a date as if he knew Julia needed a lot of time to really open up to him
In the meantime Sylvia overcame the confusion between them and surprised her friend with another gift He has a friend he met for the first time in business who has a major influence in the beauty industry and has several beauty salons all over the city In salons they help women in all sorts of ways to gain a more acceptable look for themselves They have cellulite treatments liposuction permanent hair removal plastic surgery including botox
But Sylvia didn't want to change Julia because she thought her girlfriend was perfect so she didn't use these procedures for her Sylvia just wanted to promote Julia's love which she really needed
And he intended to do that by indulging his skin and senses He gave her a facial rejuvenation treatment which refreshed her complexion and a full-body massage of 10 which is likely to affect her senses
Julia accepted the gift with great gratitude and signed in on one of her days off for facial rejuvenation and then for her first massage
She was very excited about the day she was going to get this treat He knew he needed to take more care of himself and it really was an excellent opportunity for my time
The face treatment took an hour during which he almost fell asleep several times in the semi-recumbent position He enjoyed the soft caress of the delicate female hand on the T-line of his face and near his nose towards his mouth in the small dimples and on the neck to his chest He could have lasted longer but the hour soon passed and he decided that the next time he came he would check in again for a facial before the massage
He had a quick coffee from the vending machine so he wouldn't fall asleep during the massage Of course the vending machine coffee was undrinkable but it did the trick Julia's eyes popped out at least for a little while


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