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As I had to go to Paris for a few days and martyrs-my latest friend-had not yet been to France I offered to accompany me as the French capital is one of the most pleasant places in the world Máti this 25-year-old woman with a very beautiful face and a good-looking blond hair was instantly infatuated with ParisAfter arrival he allowed only enough time to repair himself at the hotel and we took the city upon us Of course we first visited the famous sights including the Eiffel Tower The Royal Palace Notre Dame or the Pompidou Centre The beautiful view of the Vendôme Square simply stopped his voice We had dinner at a nice Bistro while I filled him in on the French story When Napoleon was beaten by the Russians in 1812 he chased his armies all the way to Paris In the restaurants the Russians Bistro-Bistro I mean come on-faster - they asked for lunch The easy - to-remember word quickly spread across the Gaul-since then French fast-food restaurants have been called Bistro After dinner we went for a walk on the Champs-Élysées and then we went back to our hotel room We ordered a bottle of dry champagne and stripped naked in honor of Paris Marti stood at the window admiring the quiet city I put my arms around her from behind grabbed her breasts and as a sort of French Night's peace I put my boner between her legs She leaned all over the wide ledge and left me panting at the open window to work in her muscular vagina Bon Soir ParisThe next day on the way to Sacre Coeur we went to a restaurant Escalope ate la créme which is sour cream veal with lots of salads added fine red wine We were almost at the Butte Hill of the Montmartre district - this is the Sacre Coeur church-when we noticed a thai massage parlor on one of the narrow streets In the window some photographs were used to show erotic massage We didn't hesitate much we went in We asked the pretty thai girl at the bar for more details We have learned that there are several versions of your salon Since he saw us having a thing for each other he recommended couples ' services He took out a photo album showed us the essence of the service and from another album we picked out the ones who were going to give us a massage The girl at the front desk escorted us into a room where we were completely undressed and she laid a snow white sheet on us in thai dress In the next room the girl introduced us to our chosen ones My dear even though you don't like black people interestingly you chose a tall bald-shaved big-tailed black-skinned guy while I chose a nice-faced slimy hot-breasted thai girl with little breastsThey offered us rice liquor and they took a sip of the poison-strong drink and then they took us by the hand to the sauna chamber There was steam coming out of the walls hidden pipes and the heat was almost unbearable We had separate beds First we had to turn our stomach and the masseuses covered our bodies with little circular movements deep-scented creams They did a thorough lubrication they didn't miss a single surface of our bodies The bengus between my darling's legs was particularly long so no wonder the guy had a complete boner Martí lifted his hips a little so that the Black would reach for his cunt which the chocolate was very sensuously excited and put his fingers between my friend's labia We drank the cream in a matter of minutes then they laid us on our backs and the masseuses repeated the tchotchkes The chocolate bar continued to lubricate her very boldly She rubbed her breasts thighs or cunt as calmly as if she had just put the cream on her hands My dear has given himself to the black man almost completely The thai girl wasn't as innocent as she looked; my fully swollen cock was so naturally agitated pulled pumped like a man born to do it He laid my dick horizontally on my stomach with his legs spread and his buttocks cut and his cunt rubbed but he made sure that I could not by any chance get him hooked Unfortunately it didn't take long because a little bell rangThey took us by hand to another room where there were two large beds On the walls I saw pictures of me doing erotic positions in the Far East The two masseuses poured an interesting smell of uncoloured oil on us and then spread their bodies all over the matéria There was no taboo point; the oil was thoroughly rubbed everywhere and everywhere With the thai girl's face breasts genitals she felt my body almost centimetre by centimetre and rubbed the oil with her hands where her body could not reach And then he lay on me twisting me around as much as he could She put her cunt close to my face her head between my legs and her hand pampered my cock The black man exclaimed Martin rubbing his large cock on his face his breasts and then ploughed on him with his large cock and ploughed his thighs in half He's almost got me My girlfriend spread her legs wide open and she was looking forward to the moment when the black man finally put his dick in her Máti sighed a great deal and when the chocolate was touching his cunt again he forgot to pull the mighty tool The little bell rang again and I was escorted to another roomIn the bath tub they washed the oil off us as carefully and as sensitive as possible Man was in a hurry to clean his dick with his mouth or to rinse his vagina while our partners were rubbing up against us so erotically it's a miracle we haven't had sex before When they were finished the little bell rang again We were escorted to a room where we found a bed with a very well-placed double bed Our masseuses at their chests folded their hands bowed and smiled and closed the door behind them During the massage we got so much sexual energy that we immediately started to hit each other With my tongue and my little kisses I went through almost every part of his body while he was sensuously sucking an extraordinary swollen cock And then I lay on it and with a quick move I pushed it all the way down I kissed him in love with his face and neck and he returned it wildly as we said obscenities to each other and we recalled what had happened recently I used to run my dick in it faster and faster It wasn't long before I had an orgasm and my sperm rushed into her vagina with fantastic strength They must have watched us fuck ' cause when we came at the same time then the little bell rangWe looked for our masseuses a little confused but no one's taking us to another room As soon as we reached out we arrived in the room where we undressed After a refreshing shower we got dressed and paid at the front desk In the street under the beautifully clear blue sky The Snow-White Dome of the Sacre Coeur church with its complex Palm - like form called us as our masseuses putting their hands together smiled and said goodbye


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