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My friend and I dated two months ago when after a wild night of sex she mentioned that she was a co-worker and one of her best friends wanted to have sex with her boyfriend but she couldn't find a couple that would suit her needs The girl we're talking about is a real sex bomb average height medium-height blonde hair tight breasts shapely butt nice well-groomed skin and not just a wild green eye This is Livia My Old Lady Melinda they're both 24 Livia's friend is Peter and he's my age 29 swimming on a hobby level and athletic My friend Melinda won't stay away from Liviashe came in second in a modeling contest a few years back Ebony-haired shapely breasts vivid erotic fantasies Like Peter I run and strengthen on a hobby level But back to the beginning so Livia couldn't find a suitable match to satisfy her desires What are friends for?Of course Melinda knew I'd get my chance
She and Livia arranged the party in their apartment the next night We came in with a nice bottle of champagne and although we had had a few words with them at a company party we had a hard time dissolving After a sip or two of drinks and juicy innuendo the girls stood on their heels They used the classic glass-rolling game and they made it a condition that we only undress After that the girls went swimming together/ we were anxious but we were curious about the developments and then after the two demons showed up with a towel wrapped around them Peter went to take a shower In the meantime Livia was sneaking a silky tape into the video and I was the last one to use the bathroom so I had a hard time stopping so I wouldn't touch myself thinking about my/us/ waiting experience
In a few minutes the four of us were sitting/lying on the huge double bed when Livia started the film And what do we see? There are two couples on the bed Peter and Livia did not hesitate the towel came off them and the fantastic sight came out all half a meter from us all of Livia's body all tanned equally her nipples standing on fire almost completely shaved on her pubic thigh /left a small line/ had already glistened and beaded Peter's athletic body and average size masculinity were beautiful which attracted more of my woman's gaze Peter's cock was pressed against Livia's nipple and he circled with it which so turned Melinda into the other woman and began to kiss her lips breasts and sometimes glanced at her with an accomplice Peter was already at the pussy and I leaned over here and I smelled the smell of his scented pleasure cave But soon I had to give my seat to Melinda who was pleasuring the horny pussy with her lips and I was crushing her nipples with my fingers and kissing her lips and nipples in turns I got so caught up in it all of a sudden Melinda was biting Peter's chest licking his nipples I was surprised myself that I wasn't jealous and I was very excited that my dear was having a good time
A few moments later he was working on the male's acorn eating it licking it Livia was even more excited by the" panorama" and copying Melinda's stunt she threw herself at me positioned to see her match with my woman He was biting my nipples and then he was focused on my purple throbbing dick The two girls looked together and we all understood what was coming Yeah they wanted to blow us at the same time Well we didn't resist I felt like I was about to burst but Peter was faster and he sprayed his sperm on my friend's face and mouth while my woman was looking at me Peter having licked the sap from her tail went to the kitchen saying he was thirsty In a few moments I was gone too no matter what Melinda with her semen-soaked mouth biting my nipple and Livia was a professional suck-up asking for part of her sperm on her breast
Well he got here he got his mouth his chest his pussy I lay down on the bed and I watch the two girls make out with their lips covered in semen then switch to 69 almost simultaneously experiencing orgasm Peter came in sat down in the chair and the two girls kissed me first and Peter kissed me on the mouth for a long time with their interesting fragrant lips mixed by the two types of semen their own and the other's pussy juices In the meantime the film was finished we all took a shower we were dressed when our hosts began to tell us to stay until morning We didn't ask for it The girls cooked up a late dinner and there was a lot of giggling in the kitchen Peter and I outbid each other to praise the girls After the meal Livia remembered that the four of us should write our most daring erotic desire on a piece of paper and then read it to everyone's sweetheart These if not literally were:
Livia-a real orgy in a luxurious villa with a lighted pool sucking off everyone then 4 to 5 men in a row spreading their sperm all over you and then the ladies of the society lick your ass tits pussy
Peter - also a group party and every girl who sucked a man's Dick kissing him we're not the same MELINDA - making love to three big-tailed Negro men which I can watch later on video while a blonde cyclone sucks my dick
And finally I-it's the same thing we just did just a couple more so six of us to videotape it
By the time the talk of desires was over I don't have to tell you my dick and Peter's became stone-hard and the girls ' eyes were bright We threw our clothes off and the girls lay side by side on the double bed telling us to sit down because they're going to masturbate I can tell you it was indescribable Watching closely what those two beautiful girls were doing But they took pity on us and you didn't come but they knelt us close together with Peter It was Livia's big number next He put the two dicks in his mouth together It was unusual for another man's knob to rub against mine I mean it wasn't even grazed it was sliding But when you're in such a state you do things you don't even think about Melinda tried too but she only lasted as long as she could
Peter and I took over the controls both of us plunged into the pussy of our own sweetheart with our tails between the bottom and the back and just not on the chandelier Meanwhile the girls were drugging us like pigs like "we're gonna suck your dick we're gonna smear it all over ourselves and you're gonna lick it off of us"or" fuck the pussy we've already licked to each other"or Melinda said" Taste each other's dicks and cum while we masturbate"Well I didn't sign up for that though Peter wouldn't have But to keep the girls happy I laid down with Livia while Peter was giving her a hard time So when Peter came on Livia's face and breast my chest and nipple had plenty of sperm Melinda threw herself at me and began to lick the other man's cum fiercely off me and when I gave Livia an orgasm with my tongue on her lips my woman with semen on her lips she made out with me in a long tongue if that's what she wanted so be it And it wasn't over yet and all three of them wanted me to satisfy myself in front of them and in a few moments it happened and it got on my chest The girls wouldn't let it dry Peter still licked Melinda with his tongue
The next day none of us went to work and why?Well until this morning there was a very interesting story because the doorbell rang
But about that later


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