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It was way past midnight when we got to Laci's apartment Erika's boss ' friend and business partner a divorced 55-year-old entrepreneur living in very good financial conditions He was a competitive athlete for a long time and he seemed to have an excellent physique In the bathroom where my wife and I used to go and have quick sex you could see the wealth and the luxury I was sure our lovemaking was overheard because Erika wasn't holding back At the party flirting with Laci having sex with her boss in the minivan and after our loud lovemaking I think she made it pretty clear to the two guys what the next few hours are gonna be
- How you doin'? - I asked my shower wife
- Very well I really like these older guys They're full of energy and experience I feel like it's still tingling down there- he answered
- So you can handle them overnight? - I did
 You know how I am - he laughed
- I love it tooI just go berserk when I see you making love to other men You're like a beautiful luscious luxury whore who grants every man his every wish - I told you
We were done in the bathroom and Erika started her makeup again and I went out to see the men The two men have already discussed what my wife and I have discussed that Erika is about to get laid
- You're very lucky to have a wife like that How come you're not jealous? - one of them asked
- We've been married for 12 years but we actually had a really good relationship when I realized that she had a much bigger sexual appetite than I do and on the other hand I love her so much that I'm glad she's having such a good time The truth is she's a great mom and a great wife and that's why not just sex but other areas work well - I answered
- Yes it's true that he's good in other areas because he's very good at his job - said Francis Erika's boss  Yeah you're gonna have to think about things at work a little bit after this Where is your child at this hour?
- He's got a really good thing going ' cause his grandparents treat him almost every week Although we do have a lot of family time we don't always Party
- So you're staying here? "Laci"said Laci" I'd be happy to fix you some food and then I might get a little pleasure from the lady" - he smiled
- Look it's not up to me Erika and I talked about how she likes your company and the rest is up to you - I told you
Soon my beautiful luscious little wife came out of the bathroom refreshed and glowing in her snowy little dress We've been sitting on the couch talking Erika put her hands on her hips in the middle of the living room bending one leg a little bit she stood in front of us in a very sexy way In the mood lighting the dress was translucent and we saw that she wasn't wearing any underwear It was so erotic as he stood there in his high heels with long beautiful legs his buttocks the outline of his tight and feminine body and his round breasts that my masculinity moved again
 Gentlemen can you do something about me so I don't get bored for the next few hours? - with her beautiful smile and her flirtatious look she has raised the mood of the t which is very tense
Laci put on music slow and cozy music which intensified their desires Erika moved slowly approached the men bent forward and began to unbutton their shirts Meanwhile her breasts were completely open-minded Feri and Laci were out of their clothes in no time and they sat on the couch like two students watching my sweetheart move herself erotically to slow music I can't say they were affected by the sight because they both had their tails together I just saw how much tool Francis actually used on the bus to work my wife I've never seen one this big maybe in some porno It wasn't completely rigid but it was at least 6 '2" and it was incredibly thick Laci could not be ashamed though she was a few inches smaller and thinner I saw that mine was the smallest of the three of us Although it's true Erika never said she had a problem with it I always managed to satisfy her So while my luscious little Wildcat was moving erotically he was slowly getting rid of the only piece of clothing covering his body She pulled the White shoulder-strap dress out of her shoulders from the top down so her breasts first appeared My wife from breast-feeding has a slightly sagging medium sort of ideal round breasts with nice buds Hardened by excitement her nipples were looking up as nicely as an 18-year-old There she was right in front of us almost completely naked with all the makeup and all the care and care and fantastic muscular round tush His only outfit was his sexy high-heeled sandals and his anklet()


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