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While my brother Jani was telling me about it I was stroking her breasts digging through her thick breast hair Every once in a while my hands were drawn to his groin and he stroked his half-limp tool and testicles His scrotum was quite sagging (probably from the heat) but I felt the weight of his considerable size balls as I lifted them As he got to the part of the story where the Oracle's tool had already penetrated his hole my brother Jani had a hard-on for his dick As I listened to his story I watched his tool grow beautifully in front of me His heart rate increased as the blood vessels were beautifully drawn through the skin The skin on the Acorns was stretched and the urethra ended up with the first lustre drops
By the end of the story both our tails were ready for action
"Let's get down to business" I said ' Cause I've been dying to fuck the old man
- Fine but make it so I don't regret agreeing to it - remember that
"On your stomach" I said
After it happened I started caressing her back her butt I was very turned on by his white ass which struck me sharply from the brownness up to his waist The old man enjoyed the situation which was shown by the fact that he was lifting his butt I told him to spread his legs I couldn't see his cock from his dangling scrotum but I reached forward and grabbed it and stretched it a little bit back After that I grabbed his bag and the skin on his balls was stretched I used my tongue to lick the skin on his balls as I pulled his dick backwards His rapid breathing told me that the old man liked what I was doing It took me a few minutes for this foreplay after which I started doing what I've been preparing for a long time I pulled the two butt cheeks apart and found the object of my desire to conquer With my tongue I licked the butthole that throbs in the Starlight My brother Jani couldn't count on this thing because he flinched and then immediately went limp My hot breath could have done it for me because he was pushing his ass towards me more and more than anyone who wanted this pleasant feeling to last as long as possible I didn't want to stop I kept fucking with the tongue so I wanted to get my tongue into the hole as much as I could With my hands I spread the buttocks as far as I could to penetrate the throbbing cave as deep as possible The old man made me groan:
- Go on you're doing great
I didn't want to stop When I felt the ground was well prepared I took out the hand cream prepared for the nightstand Except for a good dose I put it on my hard-hitting Dick and then it was my brother Jani's butt First I tried to get the cream in as deep as I could with a new one When I felt like I did it I started fingering my brother Jani First with a finger then after it went smoothly with two fingers In the meantime I didn't neglect the old man's balls or his dick I figured it was time to try something else I pulled the old man's waist towards me and put my dick in his hole
I started to carefully shove my dick up the old man's ass When I stopped to sneer I continued slowly After I was completely swallowed up by the old man's hole I rested gave my brother John time to get used to the feeling I felt her sphincter retract and release With my hands I caressed his chest And then I reached under his belly and I started shaking his dick like I was trying to jerk off to myself The old man enjoyed it very much which he showed by starting to move his buttocks left and right up and down I didn't need any more I started the more active movement Now that the old man's dilated it's easier for me to move around I pulled my dick out of the old man and turned it on his back
"Why did you stop?" he asked
I didn't want to stop what the old man figured out right away because between his legs now I've entered his ass from the front Now we were face to face so I could see my brother Jani's face and how much he enjoyed it And in this position we could kiss which I didn't want to miss Now I knew there was no way to enhance my enjoyment because I'm about to go off
"I'm about to go off" I cried
My brother Jani died and pulled his sphincter muscles together causing a good feeling of tightness which made me come After four or five shots I lay limp on the old man's chest
My brother Jani held me close to him making me feel how good he was without words
He turned me on my back He sat on my belly in a riding seat and started jerking off It didn't take long because with a big shout he let his jizz on my chest We were lying next to each other tired
Needless to say we did a series of reruns this weekend
Ever since then I've been yearning to think back to the days when everything was more free
(As I said these events took place 30 years ago Back then we were even more free we didn't even know AIDS by reputation Since then of course I've always used condoms and partners Because it's better to be safe than sorry)end


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