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If possible the cabin was even warmer than it was half an hour ago The thin walls were completely heated and filled with heat He stretched out on the bed and stared at the top of the mattress with his arms folded under the back of his head He felt very unlucky: he had just realised how much he had missed by completing both his high school and university studies in his own town This inflexibility and joy of life should have been a part of his life Her mother however raised her to be a very solid girl did not attend parties or social events Of course he must have wanted to do good for her to avoid the fate which he himself had been entitled to: to give love to an unworthy vile man who hearing of the child had moved quickly But now here you are at 23 and you're more naive about life than your own students Of course she is more well-informed and more experienced than they are but now she became a threat to herself 20 years later: a bitter old maid with a shriveled body that no one wants to see It would be too much to say that he was angry but he felt some anger What did you just do? He ran away because of a little thing that meant nothing to anyone else He's not even a coward he's worked his way through college to an " A " grade without any strings or tailwind You should trust yourself more Have you been stared at? So what? Would you rather they turned away? Does Monica have a beautiful ass? What's weird about that? I'm sure other people think it is That's it that's it That's how you think
It may be hard to change but tomorrow it's gonna be even harder Absent-mindedly wiped a few drops of sweat off his forehead and decided to do otherwise tomorrow She won't be shy in her bathing suit and she'll love anyone with sun cream In fact he won't recoil if someone offers him the same opportunity
But it's hot It's unbearable He rose from the bed and bent over the table in front of the window opening the light curtains and opening the window It didn't get cooler The door of the House however was open on the opposite wall next to Feri's bed (the four-door Cabinet next to her bed) and opening it might create some cross-cover But nothing The hot air sat in the room without flinching
He took it upon himself to go back to bed His thoughts flew again towards the waterfront Pali's hungry eyes Monica's butt Petra's vulva appeared in a row on the screen of her imagination And the strange feeling came back It's like when you feel something's missing but you can't tell what it is Like a glass of cold water which is the most wonderful when it flows cold through the throat of thirst And the tingling that makes your insides tremble Yet your thoughts are so pleasant that they are hard to part with
He rose and looked at himself with his elbows Looking under his neck at the piles of breasts contemplated under the solid neckline of the swimsuit So they lay a little flat but he was surprised to notice that the thin material on the tip of the nipples was now firmly stretched I wonder if her breasts are as beautiful as Katie's or Monica's Her stomach is flat of course and her waist is thin What would she be like at her age? Now they're both tightly clung to a slightly damp sweat Below the white tissue on the curve of his most secret part was as if it had been painted on his skin This time the wet line which was firmly inserted in the middle indicated the opening which was recently caught in the crossfire of the eyes of the two teenagers He trembled at the thought And then he thought of Petra's pussy the golden peach that blooms from the arched life Is this as beautiful as that?
From where he lay he could see out the window opposite: no one had walked the wide path to the lake It was an exciting opportunity for him to take off his bathing suit and cool off This is your chance to see how strong your resolve was Before he changed his mind he sat up and held down the shoulder straps to his waist Her breasts free from the grip of the dress looked forward like round apples The tip of the nipples pointed a little up and sideways He looked at them: the 20-forints of pale brown buds swelled so much that it emerged as a stand-alone emblem from the snow-white breasts as a sure sign of his state of excitement Then he thought of the girls ' breasts what would they look like in the same condition? Petra's tangerines are still sharpened with red nipples and Monica can be beautiful as their peaks of almost the same colour as her white breasts are swollen and sensitive He recalled the feeling of his fingers touching these wonderfully regular breasts which made him even more excited There were little lightning in her breast which made her nipples painfully hard and a hot spring appeared in her lap and the waves of an unknown voluptuous feeling were flowing from her He felt his whole insides shaking


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