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Hello everyone I've read a lot of stories here that are real or imaginary Some of them of course the ones I think are real are similar to what happened to me
My husband and I have been together for 17 years Before my husband I didn't have many boyfriends a couple of shorter longer relationships that didn't end with sex I met my husband when I was 18 and then we got married after four years We had a couple of fights lived with my partner's parents lived with us then moved to the nearby town in a municipal apartment Meanwhile we had a baby and we had the internet This is where the trouble started
My friend and I chatted a lot after all we've known each other since we were kids He didn't make a very good match so he took the concept of loyalty fairly freely She tried to set me up with some guys but she didn't really make it She thinks I'd be happier if I didn't just know my husband sexually but other guys
I chatted a lot had a couple of chatty contacts but I never made it to a date To tell you the truth sometimes I spent time looking at a man or two I used to imagine them in bed and not my husband
Time went by and I got invited to a chat party by a long-standing online acquaintance My girlfriend encouraged me so I thought I'd try I mean it wasn't badhe was nice I liked him We went for a drive we had a good time we had a couple of kisses but there was no more then or then
After the party my girlfriend and I lost touch and it was a quiet time In the meantime we moved to a bigger apartment and soon we'll be back to a bigger one on the ninth floor of a ten-story panel This is where I crossed my third X and lived happily ever after Love remained between us we were able to innovate in sex but I had a problem that I didn't feel beautiful successful Or rather I felt very old not successful and everything was fine
I'm new My husband says I have a good figure I'm not skinny and I'm not fat I bought some skirts jeans T-shirts lingerie a sexy bikini so I could have something for the beach I've been in short skirts more times than I've ever been in before I've gone to the beach a few times I've been to the whole family but I've been to just my daughter
It was the first time I felt like someone was looking down on me in a bikini I was surprised It involves wearing a thong bikini which was weird to me because I never wore a bikini like that and when I bought it I was the one who was the most surprised He looked at me like he was crazy I didn't know who it was but I could feel someone looking at me That's when the second surprise came It took me a few minutes to realize that it wasn't someone my age or even an older guy it was a young guy staring at me not so far away I was shocked but I was also flattered by the fact that there were so many women on the beach and yet he's staring at me and it's not a day or two between us it's a couple of years Honestly it felt really good to be here after the third " x " with a baby a husband a little overweight and a young man staring at me I took a closer look at the guy he was like 19 lying on his stomach so he could see me That was the first time I felt like staring at someone turned me on Later at the urging of my daughter we went in the water where the Heat made more and more of them Before we went into the pool I looked where the guy was but I didn't see anything but a towel down It felt good to cool down Since the water was crowded when we passed the men around the stairs it was inevitable not to touch anyone else It wasn't a problem at allI just sometimes felt a hand stroke my butt I didn't think anything of itI didn't think of it at first Because other people were moving I suddenly stopped and that's when I felt someone coming at me from behind almost pushing me To keep me from falling he grabbed my side and kept me My first reaction was anger I turned around the guy held me in his hands so I wouldn't fall
- I'm sorry it just stopped suddenly and I didn't mean to push it - he told me
I'm blushing Oh my god if anything looks familiar he'll tell my husband what's gonna happen My daughter saw nothing she was far away
- Thank you - thank you I stutter in confusion
"I'm sorry if I ran into you and nearly knocked you over" said he " I am Tibi
- Eve - that's all I could say
We looked into each other's eyes He was a good guy you gotta tell me Good figure nice eyes pretty yet manly face Women will be all over him
He let me go I started walking I turned back several times and I saw him smiling at me And I went on blushing When I was in the deeper water I thought about the touch around my butt put the picture together slowly and I thought it wasn't the crowd pushing that I felt on my butt it was the guy's hand()


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