18 years old China pushes a brush

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Mónika as she did every night stood at her usual spot between My Penny and DM on the edge of the sidewalk She was dressed as a schoolgirl waiting for the big score In his experience men were more attracted to innocent-looking schoolgirls"She tried to make herself look younger with a little makeup to make her chances look even better
Unfortunately he's been out of luck for the last few weeks But tonight it has to work out You need at least 300 euros to pay your rent You're lucky you don't have to talk about your age because you didn't look more than 15 years old with blonde hair 5 '5" petite figure and a pretty face Potential leads always slowed down when they saw him standing on the sidewalk Once a man gave him 500 euros to leave himself without a condom which meant two months ' rent
Sabrina's girlfriend who couldn't make it tonight was on birth control and working without a condom but she couldn't afford it Even if they offered 1000 euros they wouldn't She didn't want to get pregnant
This evening was desperate It's after midnight and nothing yet the cars were still moving without slowing down He was about to give up and go home when a luxury car rolled around the corner The car was moving slowly along the road in front of a series of more or less pretty girls "Come on Don't stop "he said" Come Closer come closer" I'll make you a good offer"He slowly stepped to the edge of the sidewalk
The Mercedes car stopped right next to him
"I won" he smiled to himself " no matter who you are or what you look like you're on the hook today and I won't let you go”
Driver lowered the side window
"Oh dear "'he began to say but he was speechless He recognized the man in the dark and his face ran out of blood It took him a few seconds to wake up and pull himself together
Then he leaned against the door of the car Monica knew exactly what she looked like She clenched her breasts with her arms so they almost jumped out of her bra But he wasn't looking at her breasts he was looking at her Pretty Little Girl with raven-black hair
"Did your mom give you enough money? 'These breasts would cost a Fortune' said Moni provocatively and continued ' My rate flute 50 no rubber 100 a round of fuck is 100 The extras of course cost more shredded the text
"You have no problem spreading your legs to a man you've known for a long time" said the man in the car But that sounded more like a statement than a question
"The only way you'll know that is if I don't do what you pay me- contrasted Pony immediately
"What do you want for an entire night? - he asked in a calm voice
He was uncertain and clung to the open window to regain his confidence Like street girls she felt safe on the street
He and his family have always lived on the edge of the poverty line His mother was under constant stress He never felt anything for his motherit was common for Monica since she was a child His mother's argument was usually about money Buying a 2-Euro Cola has already led to a fight For some reason he left his family when he was 15 and went out on the street These thoughts ran through his brain and returned him to his years of slutty behavior Your thoughts have returned to money you must tell me the price
"For 2000 euros I'll spread my legs for you all night" he gave me the answer with a dull face
"Without a condom?"'he asked
"No way"he replied "I can't afford this kind of entertainment"
"How much then?"he asked again
"6000 dear and I guarantee you will have an unforgettable evening" he whispered in a mysterious voice thinking that he would not receive so much
"Get in" that's all he said She got scared and wasn't so sure
"You've never had so much tobacco" he said in a trembling voice
The man took a brand-new wallet out of his inner pocket calculated 12000 euros and placed it on the dashboard away from his daughter
He looked pale and disbelief at the bills That kind of money would solve all his problems but he was still paralyzed
"I'll add another 1000 if you get in the car right now and don't make a scene”
He opened the door of the carriage with hesitation and sat in the front seat of the man's breast
She did this so often she still acted like a whore "This is as much a client as the others" he thought but he was no longer sure of himself for the man he recognized immediately was the father he had never seen before
He kicked off his shoes and put his feet on the dashboard This movement made her skirt slip back freeing her thighs By the way she never wore underwear during work


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