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We woke up on the last day of our trip we all slept through the night in the living room Out in the chair out on the carpet like they'd been beaten to death We were comfortable loading cars with things we didn't have time for or we were about to use them We were eating and drinking coffee on the little terrace We were talking about how incredible this weekend was and how we could do it again sometime We were able to discuss everything in a completely relaxed way no more inhibitions no more fears We also talked about watching the latest videos together and laughing and having a happy morning of nothing We left after lunch We arrived at a beautiful time but it was the last day of the year Autumn had come and until Christmas Tom and I had no such adventure
We met once a week and sometimes we spent time at one of our apartments and other times we spent time at some nightclub but nothing else happened Until Christmas came and after family reunions we decided to have a weekend together at a wellness hotel We just wanted to relax after the year's robot and end the year with a good rest In a beautiful setting we have chosen a very elegant place We had everything we needed to relax and our rooms were perfectly fine After we arrived we went down to the bar and had coffee to discuss the rest Everyone voted to go through the hotel and explore the possibilities By this afternoon we had gotten to know our way around the big building and after we changed we went down to try the pools Out of all the different ways of pampering pools we voted for a hot tub and gave ourselves a carefree rest
After dinner we came back here again because there weren't as many as the others We enjoyed the water and the buzz Around 10: 00 pm the pool was completely empty and it was just the four of us We laughed a lot we drank champagne and after we talked about the usual stuff we started a delicate erotic game It was totally spontaneous and we kissed and then we started stroking each other more and more to the point Under the water I reached over to Betty's bottom and when I put my hand back I noticed that Tommy was stroking my partner It was a strange game While we were both kissing our own couple we were caressing each other's girlfriends underwater When Betty's hand "wandered" into my groin I led my wife's to Tomi's trousers Some of them left a few blocks away so we had to keep a low profile Of course it excites me because of this arrangement and my bulging trousers it was a very good sign Betty thought about it and it died and through it she bit my dick gently He couldn't take it so he came up and looked me in the eye with a smile We were all laughing but it was getting to be a quiet sigh Things were getting out of hand Tom took my wife's waist and turned it towards him Now they were kissing each other and their hands glided under the water caressing the other's body So I pulled his mate in with me
I reached under her bikini and petted her naked butt Our tongues were feasting on each other's mouths He took my dick out and gave me a gentle massage I went a little low to get as little of us as possible and now I'm taking care of her pussy It didn't take long pushing me away forced me to sit on the curb by the pool wall and he stepped in front of me again In intense kisses she slowly pulled her bikini over and sat on my dick He sat motionless on my lap clenching my cock with his sweet pussy while his tongue caressed mine violently When our lips split for a moment I tried to look over to the other couple and she followed my eyes I was really turned on by what I saw Timi was clinging to the edge of the pool and Tom was standing behind him preparing to enter He pushed slowly forward then bent over his back and only by the motion of his hips could he be seen to be doing nothing He fucked her with a slow sensual movement not even waves on the water
I didn't need any moreI felt the avalanche in me and I didn't want to stop it My dick got even more swollen and I pumped my sperm in with Betty's rhythmic grip We didn't even moveI was just pushing my hips up to squirt as low as I could In the meantime I was again clinging to my lips stifling my complacency That turned Tom on too with a slow but determined deep jolt into my wife Their stiffening bodies clearly indicated when it flooded him They lay on top of each other trying to hide what was happening When I felt the outside world again I looked around Some of them were walking by the pool but no one seemed to listen I caught a girl's eye but she suddenly changed direction so I didn't think much of it()


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