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They worked together six months ago He noticed it almost immediately
Sandra's mischievous gaze her style then she was completely enchanted They got to know each other better and one thing hasn't changed The spark between them was still there as it was at the first glance
Why has nothing happened since then? Well that's a good question You have no idea Were you afraid to spoil the friendship that they had? Maybe they were afraid to find out that they were too good for each other and not one of them wanted to be tied down? Or maybe this pleasantly tingly sensuality in their relationship was so exciting
He decided this weekend to finally look into it because it's the end of the year corporate party and there's no better time than this No more delays no more backsies He's gonna make a move I mean he'd be a man or something
 I'd give you half my salary if I knew what you were thinking about - the person concerned shuffled his hair laughing
- I'm sure you will  since when do you stick your nose in other people's business?
- Oh come on"he sat across from him holding his face between his hands and waited with sincere interest for an answer" - That pretty blonde upstairs? Or that slim red one? Do you want me to start their imaginations? Maybe both???
He laughed loudly at this supposition but what really gave him pleasure was to observe her eyes to discover fear and sadness
He looked eagerly forward to Saturday for he knew the answer
The eternal enemy The uncertainty of what you may think of or in relation to me
He arrived deliberately later which of course she was quite indignant about
- Daniel I thought you'd forgotten about me
"Impossible" he stroked his face
Sandra's eyes grew out of control which clearly indicated that she was not indifferent to her touch All of a sudden she leaned down embraced him and kissed him gently on his neck and as if he had done his job well went to the room with the others but still saw Sandra's veiled eyes and a telltale resting on her arm
Of course he couldn't turn it off He was thinking about what it felt like to smell and smell his skin with his mouth He sighed deeply and shook his head involuntarily to clear himself
- Would you have had too much to drink already? - she stepped on him
- No I'm not  I'm trying to get something out of my head but it's not really working
- Are you gonna tell me?
For a second he thought "No it's not the time" but he immediately realized that there was nothing to hide
- What I'm saying may surprise you I haven't stopped thinking about you for a while and it's not exactly platonic
Sandra's eyes are running out and she's a little flushed
"Jesus" he said in his confusion
- Did I surprise you?
- I could say yes but I'd be lying I've been waiting for this day to come Or when you realize it like I do that what we feel is more than friendship I wasn't ready for this I guess At least not so suddenly- he laughed
- Then let's not get ahead of ourselves I'll walk you home after the party We'll see about the rest
He leaned closer gave her a little kiss on the mouth and left her there
They danced and talked sometimes with others but never once forgot the presence of the other
In silence they were both in their minds headed towards Sandra's apartment Daniel would visit her more than once if he'd walked her home after a late-night movie or fun He often wondered what it would be
They finally entered the apartment Daniel didn't hesitate He held her close to him and began to kiss her with such heat that she could barely breathe They were literally drowning in desire
- I don't think I can make it to the bedroom "he whispered in the ear of the girl who moaned with pleasure"
- You don't have to I want to feel you I want you
At this very moment The Beast in Daniel has broken loose He wanted her right away She got rid of their clothes within seconds Torn skinned where he got it buttons flying crackling under his hands


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