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It was a gloomy morning There was boredom everywhere shades of Grey everywhere colors like they were gone from the world Madzuu had coffee no sugar He had recently given up on sweet things which was demanded by a healthier way of life rather than by his physique since he was not overweight at all he used to run regularly
He put down his empty coffee mug and started shaving He didn't like the hair on youhe only kept it in the most masculine places on his feet and at the bottom of his stomach Luckily he wasn't the hairy type He was vain but he didn't exaggerate He shaved his genitals regularly and he expected his partners to do the same She hated having to dig through pubic hair with her tongue and she thought it was uncharacteristic even though she knew that hair was not unkempt
Finally he took a quick shower put on his usual jeans T-shirt outfit and got on his bike and rolled into work He wasn't in a hurry because he didn't want to sweat but he always took a change of shirt with him He was thinking about rakes on the way I mean on the body of a frog His younger colleague in her late 30s has often been in her thoughts sometimes just stroking her and other times more wild sexual fantasies have emerged with Reka Reka by the way was not pretty had a girlish face and was rather elongated she lacked the characteristic stamps that people called a woman beautiful But that's not why Madzu was so attracted to him She was a determined and disagreeable type and humor was not far from her He liked to have the last word Madzuu liked that kind of strong know-what type of woman The fact that he was not one of the very strong people contributed to this If you add that Réka's attire was wearing her feminine form the classic pantyhose the blouses the tops then perhaps you can understand why Madzuu was attracted to her Besides Madzuu loved elegant high-heeled shoes - he called them wooden shoes-and Réka liked to wear them
These thoughts have made the morning a little more colorful for Madzu He wouldn't have minded getting close to her at all So close When say Reka sucks her dick Or he'll be immersed in the imaginary bare lips There has been no physical contact between them despite the fact that they often had to do things together as they were often dependent on each other for their job Madzuuu was pleased with this compulsion as it led him to the first place in his imagination to whom he might not have noticed otherwise Of course he looked at other women dreamed about them masturbated to them We can't say that she was in love but she had a role to play in her fantasy
By the way Réka was married Madzuu knew nothing about their relationship and she never asked Maybe that's why he didn't struggle to express his sexual desire for a frog more violently Her selfishness didn't concern her husband But he wasn't the most proactive person so he let things happen in his own way and he just tried to get in the way sometimes The important thing for him was that Réka liked him as it was apparent from the signs so far; shared laughter questions chat and the moment when he accidentally touched her breast with his arm And these symbols made Madzuu happy because he hoped they would lead him into Reka's pants
By the time the sun came out the morning sadness had passed and it was a warm day He was holed up in his little office that he shared with another colleague Dénes is on vacation somewhere in Adrian Adrián Madzuu's thoughts wandered off to the sea for that little nudist adventure last year around Makarska Besides he didn't like to be so distracted by sex but now he's had a pretty high libido for several days and masturbating didn't help He jerked off and a few hours later he was thinking about eroticism again
Madzuu worked as a developer at the company for five years He loved his job he was enthusiastic he was proactive but the negative reviews were always a failure and that took back his enthusiasm In the current project he had to build a module for a geolocation software and Réka as Project Manager visited him many times to urge him tease him and sometimes even to discuss professional issues They would sit side by side and discuss the points of interest on Madzuu's monitor and almost legally the scent of the woman slowly crept up into his brain and made him hard Madzuu felt that he should only take one small step and all erotic hell would break loose If you put your hands on her feet or kiss her neck you could unleash sexual energy that would result in a massive orgasm He just never did So far()


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