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She couldn't resist when Aleksei wrapped her arms around her waist and pulled her in to sniff her freshly washed hair The Vampire moved his brown hair and leaned to his neck inhaling the seductive scent of her skin He wanted his blood and he wanted to taste it here and now Chaterine felt this her body flinched in nervousness
- Already? - he asked
The man smiled
"Yes" he said with noble simplicity and drew his hot lips across her bulging artery  You're a beautiful woman Chaterine I can't resist your charm
The girl though afraid of what was to come now she laughed sarcastically
- You don't have to pay me compliments I'm all yours Aleksei
The Vampire raised his head and looked into Chaterine's eyes His eyes lost the gleam which was almost nice and his place was replaced by a very dark animal greed
"You are right" he replied - I own you
Aleksei changed her mind He picked up Chaterina and the next thing he knew she was on the bed He sat up on the spring mattress terrified and crawled back but he didn't run He knew he couldn't do it he wouldn't have had a chance anyway he'd only have made it worse by drawing the Vampire's wrath He had to put up with everything And that's when he decided Whatever Aleksei wishes of him he will fulfill it if the Vampire holds up his end of the contract but here he promises not to show any emotion to the Vampire He'll let you be taken advantage of but he'll be like a baby without a soul I mean what man would want to make love to a frigid woman?
By the time he thought of it Aleksei had already taken off her shirt and she had thrown her hands against her head roughly With a tug he tore off the shirt on it and removed it from his trousers and in the blink of an eye he was completely naked and helpless under the strong body of a man The Vampire ran his hands eagerly through his breasts belly and inner thighs and Chaterine tolerated it You're surprised at how unemotional you can be when you want to be A sprain showed no fear his breathing was calm his heart rate was steady Alekseit didn't give a damn about it he was just busy filling his own desires He got rid of the last hurdles and without further ado he entered her violently
Chaterine quietly cries out for the pain that entered her body He was no longer innocent but the rudeness of the Vampire revived the first time that was almost as unpleasant for him But he didn't say anything so he turned his head and waited for it to be over At first Aleksei's impulses grew stronger and soon his movement slowed and eventually he retreated from her but not because he had reached the top
Chaterine turned her head and looked at the vampire who clearly studied her face He spoke in his own ancient language almost spouting the words but he didn't mean them to her he meant them to himself Chaterine didn't understand a word of it forgetting the pain raised her eyebrows
"This is not satisfactory" he finally switched to human language At first she went mad at the sound of words thought she could leave but the vampire went on - You're not enjoying it
Chaterine couldn't believe her ears
- Of course I don't enjoy it You can't expect me to do thatit wasn't part of our deal
Aleksei turned her eyes around
- People "he remarked to himself and spoke to her again" - No I really can't force you to enjoy it I'll make you
The man triumphantly smiled at the terrified expression on his victim's face It was obvious to him that the girl was determined but he wouldn't let her be defeated He changed tactics
He rose from the bed on the one hand to turn off the light and on the other to look at the body so attractive to the people and then when only the silver light of the moon was shining he returned to Chaterina again
Chaterine has fallen from her resting position He's prepared in spirit except for the vampire trying to seduce him The room was dark but only a faint silver beam was filtered through the lace curtains illuminating Aleksei's silhouette rich in shapes His eyes glanced unwittingly on his irresistible body which would have inspired any woman to think shameful thoughts He closed his eyes but when the mattress sank he was forced to open them again Aleksei was lying on her knees staring at her Chaterine told herself The Vampire couldn't see her frightened face in the dark but she knew her eyes were used to the night She wanted to pick up the remains of her clothes and run down the Hall humiliated like this rather than tolerate the Vampire's touch He cursed himself a thousand times for making a deal with the man realized he'd been set up()


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