18 years old Luna does her first porn casting

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In order to free myself of this diabolical enchantment I went to mom and dad's thinking of asking mom for advice on the case But I looked at the two times so happy that I was there and I just didn't have the courage to upset this idyll and I don't know if they could work on it because they love their son-in-law and they're happy that their daughter is in a straight marriage As a matter of fact I did until I was possessed by the devil Otherwise it is inexplicable that one person almost turns his personality overnight and has two souls living in it that are constantly in a huge struggle with each other I also thought I should ask for the help of a psychologist but nothing stays secret in this small town and my husband is a very well-known and respected person and if that were to come out it would be a huge scandal There is already a danger that something unexpected will happen and I will do something to myself I'm already avoiding peopleI don't dare look anyone in the eye He travels a lot in connection with my husband's work sometimes he may be away for several days or weeks
In October of last year I was at Bp and my administration took too long and I went home late and it was a very foggy slimy weather He added that there was a nasty accident on the way and I waited on the highway for two hours I came home very tired Soon as I got there my girlfriend came over from next door she's 46 her kids don't live with them her husband's a trucker and she's rarely home Her husband was somewhere in Russia for two weeks He was very nice he saw that I was cold and he made me a nice cup of tea while I took a shower and had dinner with him It was very late and I told him not to go home and they wouldn't steal that house We've slept together on several occasions She took a shower and we went to bed and turned on the TV but I fell asleep almost immediately I don't know how much sleep I've had but I felt like a lot and then I woke up and I felt like I had a hand in my pussy But I couldn't tell for sure because he was so tender and still I kept pretending to sleep trying to hold my breath and lay still I've focused every neuron in my nervous system on deciding whether or not it's actually a branch hand or my imagination Nothing happened for a long time After a while twig's hand began to caress my pussy very gently almost imperceptibly and I was sure that I was not imagining it My heart began to beat so violently that I could hear the pounding in my eardrum and I could feel that I could no longer control my breathing rate but I was still lying still
In minutes I got so wet it soaked through my panties I had a lust of curiosity mixed with fear I guess he could have sensed that my panties were wet because he was getting more and more comfortable first he reached into my pants and touched me directly and then he took it off me I then turned with a snort to show how deeply I slept I let him spread my thighs and the next thing I know he's licking my pussy It was really good and now I couldn't stop myself from moving my hips Then twig stuck his finger up and moved it in and out in circular motion while licking my clitoris and rubbing my breasts with his other hand It didn't matter I let myself go I moaned I moaned I threw myself And so she did not coy and led my hand to his pussy and of course he was covered in wetness and led my hand to his clitoris I know that because he bit my clitoris Soon I felt the convulsive vibes in my whole stomach and he was sucking on me and I don't know what else he was doing and he suddenly turned around and kissed me and his mouth was full of everything We didn't talk to each otherwe fell asleep


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