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He took the pot of boiling water off the fire and poured its contents into the tub He got up at dawn to tend to the animals and then he put the water there made his bed and then he got naked and he went back to the kitchen It was Sunday morning preparing for massThe water was steaming in the tub but he hadn't gotten into it yet He stopped in front of the mirror in the clean room closet and looked at you He was getting old Her flat little breasts became more full than her hips Her pubic hair grew richer and her face reflected some feminine greed His hand slowly slipped between his legs but then he shamed himself and quickly left the mirror- It's Sunday he couldn't-he grazed himself and stepped in the tub The water was a little hot but it felt good He was immersed in steam filled with scented tea leaves and dreaming of Tom His hand went astray again but he no longer cared for the ban She caressed her thighs from the outside then slowly glided over her inner thigh and then reached her hot demanding lap There's a tear in the air from the pleasure His eyes closed and he could almost smell Tom First a fingerthen two It went through the wet little opening but it wasn't enough He looked out at the table next to him and he said " What can you use?" There were things to clean up in a row Smelly soap washcloth back brush Anne's eyes lit up He reached out for the toilet towel and began to rub his clitoris with his rough rough tissue The fingers of his other hand were still searching his cave The rubbing felt good but it still didn't have the tools He reached for the back brush and with his hips slightly raised he pushed the handle inside He came right away- Tom "my little Tom"He continued to rub his clitoris and then began to pull the brush inside him He was aroused again breathing rapidly when the Great Clock spoke warning him that he should leave- He hasn't breathed yet and he's moving faster He pressed the brush handle to the front of his sheath and the pleasure grew more and more and then he came again with a moan and a half scream And then he just sat tired in the warm water and felt like he should stay home todayFlushed with experience and haste he arrived a little late to the temple The others whispered behind his back but he just went to his seat and kneeled only before God Once again the father did not spare the sinners Anne was more and more afraid he was sorry he came That's where the deer foot fungus was supposed to go Then the long sermon came to an end and the people lined up for the sacrifice Anne stood up and since she was too late to confess she took her way out"Look The Witch she can't take the Lord" whispered behind her back"The whore who was watching my hens last year all dead" said the poor girl'That's what corrupted my neighbor with her potion' said a third woman - He died in the winterAnne stepped out of the church gate without looking back After that the first ones to go before the priest quit Their voices struck like hammers:- Witch - they were screaming - WitchThen he was hit by the first stone He's running- Let's beat this little poisoner to death - you heard a man's voice He turned back and from the corner of his eye he saw one of the men pick up the shovel he had planted against the church fence Stones hit him then one hit him in the head He almost fainted but he felt that if he fell he would die Of course my herbal teas were good when you were sick - he said to himself and he went into the woods He knew they wouldn't come after him because they were afraid of ghosts They only dared to use trampled paths You've heard it:- Leave him alonehe won't disturb the reverence any moreHe turned back smiling Billy was right to protect her like that In the woods he could see that people were turning back and Billy was looking into the woodsHe felt safe in the woods He went down to the creek and looked in the mirror of the water at the huge lump that the Stone had caused He hated the villagers now He didn't hurt anyone He was just healing and if it didn't work it was his fault They didn't listen to what he said a lot They thought she was a silly girl They wouldn't treat her like that He sat down on one of the rocks on the beach and started crying Soon he heard footsteps behind him He turned around there was a tall man standing in the trees'Don't Cry Little Anne' he said gently and then he stepped up to her and sat down beside her It was one of the Lumberjacks from the count's forest Anne had seen the chunky man several times but she never cared much for him- People are stupid You're not a witch but those who live in the woods are afraid Even me They didn't give me the blacksmith's daughter last year even though we really liked each otherAnne had just seen the man for the first time He was a big blond man kind of like Tom only prettier face maybe younger Anne blushed when she sensed he was getting wet- Girl you need to get that scar on your head He's bleeding I have a potion at home but I can't see it It's in the back- Come on I'll walk you home and I'll take care of itAnne got up and started walking He felt the man wanted more but he didn't mind They crossed the sunny clearing then turned on the road to the forest house Anne could feel the man looking at her ass and out of her glistening ankles and she couldn't wait to spread her legs He didn't understand how he could want this man after Tom and Billy but he felt it was some kind of compensation for being chased But what really bothered him was that this man wished for it without the potionThey moved slowly in the warm Southern Sun Anne picked up some herbs and told him what they were good for and he listened with interest"You are a very clever girl" said The Woodcutter and his eyes almost undressed her- What's your name?'Cliff' smiled the boy and Anne was horrified to think that Tom hadn't thought of it in a few minutes his gratitude to Billy for protecting him from angry people even though he had vanished from his warm voiceBut at the forest house they were greeted with horror All of Anne's chickens were lying in the yard They all had their necks wrung The giant shepherd dog lay lying in the barn The tabby blew on top of the tree and didn't dare come down And the windows were covered in mud and human feces- Barbarians - said the man- Good thing you weren't home They would have burned the house down on youAnne just stood there and didn't know what to do He trembled when the man from the Tool Shed took out the shovel and began to dig the pit at the end of the garden for dead animals"Go my Dove start washing the windows" said the man to the girl for she fell into full lethargy He entered the House mechanically boiled water poured it in a bucket and began cleaningIn the meantime Cliff put the dog and the hens in the pit- You bury the poultry too? - she's awake- Yeah - yeah Who knows if they weren't poisoned with something before they twisted their necksAnne nodded in a positive way and she didn't know how she was going to get new animals because she didn't want to go to the market after thatWhen the man was ready he came to wash the windows Anne's tears have finally begun He let her cry You gotta get that out of your system Then when they were done they went in- Come on let me see that wound Anne took out a bottle of the almarium and gave it to the man accompanied by a clean canvas and sat down on one of the chairsThe man took care of the wound well and quickly and then quietly spoke:- I'm staying here tonight because these lunatics are gonna come back and beat you to death Where can I sleep?"In my bed" said Anne feeling that she had never loved anyone so much


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