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Dirk my boyfriend is so stuffy I tried to hook up with her and another guy but she didn't want to hear about it He thinks the presence of another naked dick is already turning him into a douche Of course the idea of another woman joining us in the bedroom excites him but refuses to indulge in a second tool He's such a nervous guy Don't get me wrong Dirk is bangin ' my little sideburns just fine but girls like me need a change of pace My tight pussy is always wet and even though I don't want to cheat on my boyfriend I sometimes need a new penis to fill it out So I had no choice but to do a little trick on my dear but rather boring Dirk
Dirk and I were good friends with Sheila and Tad a beautiful couple Sheila and Tad aren't exactly extremly attractive but they're very comfortable with the idea that while I'm sucking Dirk's thick cock Tad is stuffing my ass and my pussy The three of us came up with a plan to make the double fuck I've always dreamed of Sheila's skinny sensual body will be perfect We're gonna start having fun and Dirk's gonna think I'm okay with the two-girl threesome he wanted Tad's gonna slip into my butt and Dirk's not gonna be a smart-ass After a lot of careful planning Sheila and I made an appointment
My co-conspirators showed up last night with a packet of tortillas and a more than-bodyguard videotape The four of us used to watch TV like this every night This time the film was chosen with extreme care The boredom of the film will speed up the start of the party
Dirk slipped the tape into the video without suspicion:
"Kevin Costner will be fine" he said
We were too full of dirty perverted thoughts to deal with Dirk's stupid statements My pussy was pounding like I was sucking on a beer bottle like a dick I was a little cross-eyed as I imagined the swelling pressure of the throbbing man's flesh in my mouth I looked up and I saw Tad rubbing his groin while he was admiring me When he found out I caught him he stood up from the couch and tried to pick up the conversation where we left off
"Sheila" he began - You want another beer? - He was rummaging through the beer chest and snorted in his feigned indignation: - shit they're gone
Sheila smiled smirkingly at the kid's pretense and she responded negligently
- Honey can you run out and get a six-pack?
'Of course' said Tad opening the door
I was looking at Sheila The time has come to confuse Dirk Lesbian sex works for me too if I did it with a titty exotic beauty like Sheila
"Whitney Houston is a bitch" I said - This movie sucks
- Well yes Sheila agreed - I'm gonna go take a piss
"I will go with you" I whispered as I walked him out My pussy was tingly with pleasure We giggled like teenagers and ran to the bathroom I began to feel joyfully about my girlfriend's huge breasts Shaila pulled up her transparent delicate skirt and sat on the toilet bowl We laughed again at the sound of the liquid flowing through the porcelain and the voice made another little girl giggle
"Stay like that" I said I knelt before his shining opening His wet shell was hot and salty I put my tongue in the hole and flicked it Sheila took her breath away and grabbed my breasts
- Wait-breathed - We have to organize it properly and then we can fuck like crazy We quickly undressed quickly immersed ourselves in the fingers of each other's dripping vaginas before the
we were getting to the point Sheila turned around and completely cleaned her ass He kept wiping it until he put a whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet When he dropped it the huge amount of paper clogged the drain
- Oh dear I smiled - What are we gonna do? The toilet's broken


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