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I was still under the influence of previous events but I wondered when I was alone There were still a lot of people walking down the aisle quiet music and dim light I tried to take advantage of my height and look over so many people's heads but I didn't see my beloved's usual hairstyle anywhere My eyes wandered on some less covered female cleavage hugging or kissing couples I was heading towards the end of the Hall I deliberately looked in the cabins On this side looking behind all these white curtains there were so many naked women lying or sitting Many rooms were empty or I saw men among you or even cabins with tools
I found her in the door of a free box in the arms of a man More precisely he clung to the edge of the empty sofa and seemed to enjoy kissing the back of an unknown man's waist
He must have sensed I was there because he pulled me back with a delicious food smile The guy was tan about our age athletic white pants white shirt Both of us and myself have drifted into cabins Another older man was already inside who with no courage began to caress the arms of my woman leaning on the sofa It was not disturbing but rather exciting as we looked into each other's eyes while the two men began to caress with more courage my dear He kissed the man with his head folded back and acknowledged with great satisfaction the discovery of foreign hands on his stomach neck cleavage In the meantime the man of a much more bearable figure slowly unfolded the buttons on his blouse and looked at the breasts hidden in his pre-fleece
You trembled as the first palms touched your skin on your belly and waist You felt hands under your skirt on your thighs and hips The man's palms wandered off to your shapely butt and it was no longer a secret to anyone else what you were wearing under your clothes
You fell on the bed and you felt another breath on your neck and thighs Your skirt rested on your back for a few minutes but soon you felt it slide down your leg and fall to the ground I've been bewitched and I've been in a situation where strange men possess me pamper me You didn't feel pushy but you felt every touch that they wanted you they wanted you
Two more men entered but only I could see that because you passed through the men's group with your eyes closed You've already drifted between the palms of the males and their bodies It took your bra off in no time and your thong which has so far covered up the details of you in their eyes
You felt them grab you grab you fingers and clammy palms touching your breasts
Sensual tongue touches your ears neck You've endured hand-holding on your naked buttocks and thighs You don't know if you controlled yourself or if your legs were spread out but your thighs were already spread out on the side of the bed
It's only been a few minutes
It was only a short time before you felt the first fingers the first touches on your vulva on your outer lips You were naked naked for the world
You felt a little fast as your clitoris was already discovered by some tingling fingers and you weren't even sure if it came from a hand
You couldn't even sense how many men touched you at once but your desire escalated as you felt almost at every point in your body touching demanding at the same time Your desire grew your body trembled
Five minutes
I watched insanely four men undress you possess your naked body I don't know if they didn't fight over you but they sort of split up every inch of your body I saw one of the new men come up behind your legs spread out and from my point of view kiss you on your knees behind your butt
It was a familiar feeling that made your body tense when you felt a hot breath on the inside of your thigh where your sensual lips were opening It was tingly for you to feel a man's tongue riding around your clit You looked up at me and with your hands on my palm you stretched your body unwittingly You spread your legs and gave yourself pleasure to the caressing desires The fluttering tongue became a mouth and you moaned up when your reddish seed was sucked into a mouth He let her go and then he let her go and then he slipped down Your lips have already poured your juice so it was easy to slip up into your cave with an intrusive tongue And then your voice came up and you screamed
You had palms on your ass felt it spread Your clit once again had fingers sledding and you experienced a minor orgasm when you identified the fingers of a man's hand sliding into your depths You were rocking your hips as their fingers took you You were rocking for minutes and your butt was squishing from your long-awaited immersion
It's probably been 10 minutes
I looked up from your face from your naked butt to my fellow men and though I expected it it was unexpected to see two guys free of their pants standing behind you with their naked tails waiting for the opportunity()


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