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I woke up a little groggy and my tongue still felt like Alex's jizz and I was so ashamed Because of what I did and because my dick was stiff again and I wanted to hug him again kiss him suck him What will my uncle say when he finds out what I've done? I got up and put on a cape and stumbled out to the bathroom In the mirror a tortured face smeared with makeup and sperm looked at me - You look like a fucking whore - I told him and he was happy to smile I'm going to go back to my room put on some normal clothes and try to answer the "what's next?"
As I passed William's room I heard muffled voices and stopped for a moment in the corridor Oh my God that's so good - I recognized Alex's moan I couldn't stand it so I carefully walked to the door and opened it a crack
In the twilight of the morning I could see the two figures moving together on the great bed My uncle's large naked body almost covered Alex's thin figure
'I want you from behind' he whispered in his ear and Alex turned right away and he enjoyed it with a smile as William filled his shapely ass with kisses He licked into the cut and into the already dilated hole Alex snuffed me out with pleasure
"More please" he begged
My uncle grinned and continued to lick He gently caressed his legs and back while he almost fucked Alex with his tongue And then with a sudden change of pace they both got up on their knees and Alex leaned forward a little bit and he pushed his butt into William's lap and he started fucking her at a wild pace I could see everything clearly: the drops of sweat rolling down William's chest the tiny smile at the corner of Alex's mouth and again his long eyelashes enjoying the powerful strokes of his friend with his eyes closed William leaned forward so their bodies came into contact in more places "Come on let's ride" he said kissing Alex in the back of his head She leaned over her boyfriend and held his long stiff pole and dragged Alex's body along her back The change was easily accomplished without difficulty as if it had been done many times before
- I love you
- You're the best "he answered in my uncle's deep soft voice while his butt was moving up and down like a machine" So Alex was on his high and his legs spread wide and he sat all over William's Dick He leaned forward immediately putting his hands on the man's upper body with his thighs began to move his body up and down In the yellowish light I could see the man's thick dick extending up in the air and disappearing when Alex sitting in it takes in the steeple
- Oh that's good - he moaned and slowly moved over the man with his eyes closed Suddenly his eyelashes fluttered and looked at the door Our eyes met I wanted to run away but I was so scared I couldn't move "You may enter Andika" he smiled at me and I with trembling knees entered the bedroom
"Come here Andika" said My uncle as I stepped to the bed I was struck by the masculine scent of their bodies I threw off my cape and stood in front of him naked as a mother The prick glided out of Alex with a loud squeak and he stood up and hugged me
- Isn't this girlish body wonderful? - he asked me while he was stroking my thighs and buttocks
- Do you like me? - my uncle asked with a smile
"Yes" I turned red as I looked up and down upon his muscular body
- Then what are you waiting for?  I'm all yours
We're moving at the same time we're actually throwing ourselves at the man We cover her whole body with hot kisses bite her earlobes kiss her nipples caress her beautiful muscles Position 69 With my hands I caress my uncle's hard thighs kiss him and inhale the arousing smell of his skin Then I approached his genitals centimeter by centimeter I put my nose into his soft black pubic hair and sucked in his wonderful scent My dick is going to get hard Then I put William's acorn in my mouth and glide on the thick pole It tasted fantastic and it was throbbing hot()


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