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It was a noisy nervous driven Day Your key turns obediently in the lock familiar objects come to you It's been a weekday
You're home
You do the usual routine: Turn on the TV put on a cd or just dive into your usual chair The recipe works reliably The rest of the home is relaxing on the strings that have been straining since this morning
Everything will be fine by tonight And what's left is washed away by the smell of your pillow The dream is a capricious child of the night rggel is just a strange feeling or less He's always there And he's watching Sometimes he will chase you through the quarrels of the past but if he pleases he will shape your desires: taste colour and taste
You can still hear the monotonous drops of water running through the door of the bathroom the faint ticking of the clock outside The noises are coming from further away There's still a thought sticking back sometimes: who could it have been by the sidewalk? It doesn't matter Just a stranger
I'm drawn to sleep
You sit behind closed eyelids so you can see why your hand is reaching Your fingers don't even touch it but it's throbbing hard()


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