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It was an abominably damp autumn Friday night with a sharp cold wind that makes it feel at least five degrees colder than it already is
Vera put her jean jacket on cold That night she wasn't dressed too well sneakers T-shirt and look at the miniskirt a little more interesting than turquoise stockings He wasn't going out to get laidhe was going out to dance For now on his own he's going to lose all the usual company There wasn't a lot of gay-bashing going onyou know people got to know you pretty quick in those couple joints
You've accelerated your pace I didn't think it was a good idea to wear those tights in the freezing cold but now turning back halfway through wouldn't have been the smartest thing to do
At the front door of the place the 40-year-old girl asked for the I D According to security To tell you the Truth Vera wouldn't have been surprised if the woman knew everyone who regularly expired
By the door three guys tried to stop smoking before the cigarette smoke finally froze in their hands One of them nodded
Vera looked familiar but she wasn't sure where Maybe it's one of Balázs's attachments She was holding her hair clipped in the bun and the thin-bodied type seemed to fit into the picture so she quickly waved back If it doesn't it doesn't matter
In there the smell of the bar mixed with something sweet maybe perfume maybe something mixed in the dry ice or maybe the daily discount cocktail The latter was inferred by the creakly sticky linoleum which somehow could never really be cleaned or if it was it was worse than before I mean no at these parties it was always some kind of criminally syrupy plastic fruit-flavored drink that made it easy to get drunk but the next day was hell
She quickly ordered a beer and something suspiciously bright green and went around the place at random The bar was relatively small bar dance floor pool table and some chairs That's all there is to it
He quickly found a few friends at the pool table and fell right into the usual topics Sasha analyzed the piano hands of the girl at the bar in almost pornographic detail Instead of finally going over there and hitting on her Of course he doesn't care about her Of course nothe hasn't talked about anything for an hour and a half Hopefully the pianist will get the message after a while and be drunk enough to come here Anyway he knows
Robi's trying to hide from her almost-ex but not with much success ' cause he's at every party here
Vera was willing to join the cloaking operation which was successful in collecting the intended drinks without further humiliating encounters
The atmosphere had already started the place was filling up and the drinks had forgotten the remaining inhibitions The conversation is slowly being suppressed by the pulsating monotonous rhythm that Onika or one of her angry and sexually heated colleagues were speaking This was one step better than the “gay-friendly” popigans ten years ago that showed up at dawn Vera decided after another shot-and-beer combo she'd rather dance
On the dance floor you couldn't drop a PIN or move properly but apparently nobody cared
The turnout was pretty mixed two girls in baseball caps macinacis and belly shirts strikingly dressed and tangled up Three judging by their compulsive giggling and anxious side glances straight girls who apparently came down to the gay bar because that is so exciting He's a really good guy The over-enthusiastic drag queen who unlike her colleagues at the bar could still stand in stilettos demonstrated that fact by walking a bald guy with a collar on a leash Two stick-bags thin guys A young girl in a plaid shirt with long hair and an embarrassing amount of rainbow accessories A short guy in a dark purple shirt with his hair clipped A tall dark-haired femme girl who immediately caught his eye
Too bad That wouldn't have been so bad
Perhaps sensing that they are watching the boy in the shirt standing between them turned Vera took a quick look at him His face was so much better than he expected It's a girl And he's definitely cute The girl with the trimmed hair had big round brown eyes with long lashes He's definitely cute
Vera kept eye contact as an attempt She looked back at him a little unsure but interested That might as well be a yes The other girl approached while dancing she ran her fingers through Vera's blond hair shoulders arms She was suddenly very grateful to be rid of the jean jacket when she arrived
The purple shirt continued to look up at him with dilated pupils For a moment he looked down his big brown eyes and looked into his eyes again Vera licked his mouth quickly Her upper lip was a little blown out rough and dry()


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