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Recently I remembered that summer with my mother
What do you remember most? I asked him
Everything he answered
Yes I did You must forget those days and events
'I would do it again' said Mom with raised eyebrows ' those days were hard and eventful'
I will begin to think of that incredible summer when I lost my virginity to my mother with the help of my aunt and my cousin
When I was a teenager my uncle rented a big house in the mountains north of Los Angeles because the seven were both families on vacation My father of course stayed home couldn't come on vacation from his work this week and besides he was never the mountain-loving type That didn't bother anyone My mother and father's marriage had hardly any love and sex and my uncle never liked her anyway
That Monday morning my Uncle Floyd my aunt Barbara and my cousin Robert were driving up the highway to pick us up We dropped our bags in the station wagon and drove two hours north to Big Bear Lake Floyd was a thin-haired 43-year-old chatterbox driving and Barbara 43 sat next to her Barbara was more of a savory American Type good-looking short brown hair brown eyes dark skin and a radiant smile I didn't think much of that at the time but Barbara was really hot My cousin Robert dark as his mother sat with me in the back seat and my mother Susan who was a 38-year-old petiteblue-eyed natural blonde with a radiant smile and a light skin Her ballet years made her shapely legs strong and shapely She never had cellulite on her thighs I'm just like him with a brown look
When we got to the house we were all excited The house with three bedrooms was two stories two stories upstairs and the other one down near the kitchen Robert and I got a room my mother got one for you my aunt and uncle lived downstairs We unpacked and occupied our rooms decided to have a good time and enjoy the week because we left the heat wave at home and the cool mountain air was perfect
The first few days nothing special happened My uncle was busy at the house while my mom and aunt spent most of their time talking Robert and I were trying to do something to kill our time
It was the morning of the summer when my uncle got a phone call from work He worked for a large service company they were desperate and happy to find him because the heat wave has caused a lot of damage to the air-conditioning system since everyone's been using their air-conditioning They needed his help because of the bright sun and of course he had to come back She had to go home early but she said she'd try and make him come back after sunset But it didn't My mother and aunt were waiting for him but at about eight o'clock the phone rang That was my uncle He said he was going to have to spend the night at home because it takes longer than he expected but he'll be back the next day We're alone tonight with two mature middle-aged women and two male teenage boys
Only with hindsight do I know what an explosive situation this could be
Until the middle of the night Robert and I were in the room talking about music and girls although none of us had ever been with one we were virgins I remember talking about Wendy Braegera hot brown girl who was my girlfriend I made out with him earlier at least it was the event but it was a mistake to mention him to mom who was enraged by maternal jealousy over my interest
I don't want to see you go to school and play with those little sluts he was barking
They're not whores I disobeyed him
I don't know but I never found out My mother used the following phrases to shock me: if I could allow that I would pay an older experienced woman to teach you Middle-class financial stress has kept me from playing tricks on old whores I temporarily forgot this conversation with my mother and I finished school
Meanwhile my mother and aunt were talking downstairs in the living room If we'd known we would have known what they were talking about It was my mom who started the conversation about their very young sons and how as my mother of course she couldn't want me while I was having sex with those little sluts at school My aunt's been thinking about us for a while At the time my mother mentioned her desire to have an older woman teach me but of course so far none of this has happened After a short break my mother looked at Barbara and said " Why aren't we doing this to our sons?"


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