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I sat outside the window this morning I was slowly rocking in the rocking chair the radiator beside me and it made me feel warm The cat fell into a deep sleep in my lap I liked it in the warm room It was raining outside It's been raining nonstop since this morning Just like that day in October I'll never forget it
Laci and I went shopping We could only park the car two blocks away so we ran along the way with the luggage in the pouring rain We're all wet We got into the doorway and Laci hung one of the bags on the doorknob so she could get her keys out His hair dripped on the face of the water It made him nervous He scooped his pockets
- No damn it I left it at home again - he was furious Of course I should have thought of thatI closed it I gave him my bags and I reached into my bag to get my keys In the meantime my coat which I had only worn at the carriage and had not buttoned was opened I was cold so my bra-free breasts pressed against my blouse My dear she bit her lip I saw she liked the view
"You are beautiful" he said with a twinkle in his eye
I got my key we went in and then a Trapp went up to the second floor When the apartment was opened it was warm We've entered the Hall I put the bags down and took my coat off and hung them up Laci was still at the door looking at me He looked at my wet hair my wet pants on my hips my buttocks and my cold breasts Then he came up to me and kissed me for a long time He didn't touch me just his mouth I knew what was coming He touched my blouse with his hands and it snapped The buttons were flying all over the place and my breasts were pressed against his chest
"I am cold and I cried and I wished him to go on more than anything" He yanked the remains of my blouse off me and started stroking my breasts He got down on his knees and drilled his face into my stomach while he was crushing my nipples with his hand I fell against the wall and put my hands in his wet hair He picked me up and took me to the living room He laid me on the couch and pulled my pants and tights off me while kissing and licking my naked legs Then he stood up and with trembling hands he took off his clothes quickly His phallus came out of his pants like a flagpole Then he drilled his wet hair between my legs He breathed a nice kiss on my panties and then he pulls it off me He knew I loved it when he was like that
One minute she's incredibly tender and then she's passionately rude I spread my legs I saw his eyes go out He reached out to my clitoris and put his hands all over it I was shaking Then holding his stiff tail he began to rub my clitoris and labia with it We kissed Passionately filling each other's mouths Then out of breath he bit my chin He was still rubbing the entrance to my cave with his tool which was getting wetter and wetter He put his acorn in me and stayed that way He knew I was aroused by this condition He stroked me with his hand across my chest my stomach without even touching me I felt like I was lying in a soft soft fur He took it upon my feet and slowly gently pushed his tool into me I moaned up and saw her look of love It stayed inside me it didn't move


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