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I stroked her head and I went to the bathroom
When I came back to her she was asleep on the bed I smiled and I wondered A) where I was going to lie B) how and how I was going to cover him and what I was going to get out of that blanket
Luckily there was a big blanket at the end of the bed so one of my problems was solved As soon as I put him on he woke up a little so I went to bed But I couldn't sleep
I could not turn because almost immediately after I went to bed he held me close to him So I just stared out into the night I watched it get darker I totally felt like I hadn't slept a second last night when I realized Dani was crawling all over me Plus he had to do it once because he was headed for the wall
- What About You? - I did - Shh Go back to sleep
He kissed me in my hair and he lay back behind me As soon as he put his arm around me again I felt his stiff penis I was not immediately sleepy as if I had been asleep for six or seven hours I turned to him and kissed him I thought he kissed me back half-asleep because he didn't show any signs that he actually understood how the flag was holding up He wasn't very loyal but he had a passionate kiss but I felt him turn me over
Slowly she slid closer to me her hands were touching my breasts her lips were nowhere to be found
He laid on me I could feel his stiff tool throbbing I caressed her ass and pulled her to me I moved a little under it opened my thighs so it could slip between my legs I put my feet to myself
- I want to make love to you All we need is to merge "I whispered in his ear and I could feel indeed that his previous caress was still burning my pussy" I knew you were ready to satisfy each other and I knew that a petting-lovemaking afterglow wouldn't fit in your energy right now You'll have to rest for a few hours
- Let's do it the way it's supposed to start to finish I really want you
- Yeah and I'm about to fall asleep - giggling in his ear - In the morning when we wake up we'll love everything we talked about We'll take a nice shower and make love like we dreamed And now
I couldn't finish it he kissed me on the lips he slipped his hands under my shoulder Slowly kissing my neck my shoulder I gently caressed her back her spine down to her bottom He shuddered
- I missed you so much - he whispered it in my mouth
- I love you - we kissed on the lips
- I can't do that - he mumbled It's coming out of my embrace I didn't get it "what?" She turned me down but luckily it was just so she could kiss me more comfortably
- Now miss I'm gonna give you a nice white bracelet Or two actually - you put the stuffed cuffs on me - you wanted me to just fuck her no talking just fuck her Well no Now I'm in control And I'm gonna lick his ass first and then I'm gonna fuck him and I'm gonna fuck him


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