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Every year my great uncle and his congregation visit a sacred place Unfortunately she can't be let go alone anymore so I went along with her on one of those trips On the bus it wasn't just the summer heatit was suffocating The father (our companion ) was simply intoxicating even in the cassock I couldn't stop thinking about what she was like in bed with him I was only distracted by my dreaming of our arrival
My grandmother assured me that she would be lost without me because she left her reader and asked me to go down to the chapel and find her I was a little bit grumpy on the inside but I was on my way
I searched I searched the aisle when I heard the noise Suddenly I turned around and he was standing in front of me with the rosary in the hand of my minister
- Looking for this?- he asked
- Yes thank you - I reached for the reader
It was like an electric shock when our hands touched and our eyes met Suddenly he turned and took swift steps towards the exit I knew it was now or never
- Wait wait wait - I heard my own voice I was running after him He turned slowly with a glimmer of desire in his eyes with a hint of remorse
I have to act fastit crossed my mind I stood on tiptoe and taped it to my lips Instead of resisting his lips slowly opened and began to kiss eagerly A state covered with small comforts passing through the curve of my neck The shoulder strap of my summer dress slid down and left my bosom uncovered As soon as he saw my desire-filled nipple he began to gently suck one after the other He was not in a hurry but I felt the impatience of his body with which he flogged the waves of desire
A loud moan came out of my throat when he walked with his wet tongue towards my belly button stretching his hand across the curve of my waist The soft matter that covered my body fell to the ground with a faint whisper I was standing in front of her naked as a doornail He pushed me away he looked at me His eyes were burning with passion and satisfaction as he absorbed the sight of my body He drilled his face into a pussy covered in a tiny thong snorting deep from his scent I could no longer take off my underwear put my feet on the pad's armrest offering my wet butterfly
- Please "I whispered He looked at me and a little smile appeared at the corner of his mouth and he touched my clitoris with the tip of his tongue There were quite a few subtle touches almost an introduction before he went for the lips filled with desire At last he licked it up and down with the whole surface of his tongue right and left and round and round my wet pussy while from time to time his tongue entered my vagina He slowly switched to a hand job with two fingers deep inside me while sucking on my clitoris My face was flushed I was gasping for air I was clinging to the back of the prayer bench and I felt the blood rushing through my veins
- No no don't stop please - I cried involuntarily I could feel the muscle of my lap as my body came to orgasm Complete gratification I rest my soul
You might think that's it because that's what I thought at the time but we were both wrong my dear friend My Little Priest didn't give me a breather


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